2014 Nissan Rogue SL AWD Long-Term Road Test

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image2014 Nissan Rogue SL AWD Long-Term Road Test

One neat feature on our long-term 2014 Nissan Rogue SL is its 360-Degree parking camera, also known as the Around View Monitor.

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  • kirkhilles_kirkhilles_ Member Posts: 151
    I'd be curious to see it in action - the 360 screen seems very small and difficult to figure out exactly what you're looking at.

    I guess Nissan went Rogue with their camera...
  • ocramidajzjocramidajzj Member Posts: 91
    Looks like Infiniti features continue to move into Nissan products. The FX35 I test drove a couple of years back had this very cool feature.
  • joner800joner800 Member Posts: 80
    i was going to say the same things as kirk: the screen looks a little small (i could be spoiled looking at my 8" UConnect screen). certainly still a cool feature.
  • misterfusionmisterfusion Member Posts: 471
    Hats off to Nissan for bringing this awesome feature to the masses. IIRC, you can even get this feature on the Versa Note! Agree with joner800 though -- this would be even better on the 8.5" Uconnect screen.
  • allthingshondaallthingshonda Member Posts: 878
    Wonder how long it's going to take for the CVT tranny to crap out. Nissan has been having problems with them since they were introduced. Xtronic 2.0 is no better the new Pathfinder has numerous problems. Even if it did have problems we would never know from Edmunds.
  • fordson1fordson1 Unconfirmed Posts: 1,512
    I think backup cameras are useful, but I also think that they tempt drivers to try parking spaces that they would not try with no camera. That, coupled with the probability that drivers who are not good at backing and parking will still find ways to get into trouble even with a backup camera, makes me think that there is probably a version of the more-SUVs-end-up-in-ditches syndrome at work.
  • dm7279dm7279 Member Posts: 63
    We have this feature on our new Rogue, and it is kind of a neat gimmick. It looks like you are looking down on the car while you park it. Plus you can turn on the camera any time you like, and the camera used on the left will be whichever direction you are going, i.e. a front view when in drive and a rear view when in reverse. The display is large enough. I will say, the front camera on the Around View display on our car has had some intermittent behavior (sometimes that part of the screen is just black). It seems to occur when it is below 40 F outside.
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