2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 Long-Term Road Test

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image2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 Long-Term Road Test

The Mercedes CLA 250 might be the least expensive Mercedes-Benz in the lineup, but there's no reason it needs to look like it. Here's an easy way to make a big difference in the way it looks.

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  • I agree with the improved looks, but Erin Riches felt that the ride for the non-sport equipped version was already too rough. Your opinion Ed?
  • @se_riously, All US-market CLAs come with the sport suspension. The "Sport Package" is purely cosmetic and does nothing to change damping rates. Any additional harshness would be entirely the result of the larger wheels. I can't imagine they mak
  • @mercedesfan, Yes, it's mostly cosmetic. But the sport package increases the wheel size, reduces the sidewalls, and replaces the all-seasons with summer tires.
  • @se_riously, That is my point. You get larger wheels, but they are AMG-spec rims that weigh roughly as much as the standard 17-inch rims. These rims are then fitted to summer tires which tend to be more compliant than all-season tires. As a result, the on
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    I don't like the ride quality in the CLA that's equipped with the sport package.
  • I personally don't like the sport package. As discussed, it's purely cosmetic and makes the car look faster than it is and too close to the VERY different CLA45. Similar to when people buy the "S Line" appearance package from Audi or the "M" appearance package from BMW. If it's not the real thing, don't pretend.
  • there are very few factory wheels that i'm crazy about so generally i wouldn't spring extra cash just for the wheels alone and instead i would rather spend my money in the aftermarket especially if its a truck then you have two sets of wheels/tires for street and offroading
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