2009 Ford Flex Long Term Road Test

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image2009 Ford Flex Long Term Road Test

We lived with the 2009 Ford Flex for more than a year. Read all about our daily driving experiences in our long-term road test.

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  • zombonezombone Member Posts: 1
    Great article, the only thing I would mention is that when compressing the caliper pistons its best to open the bleeder screw and push the old fluid out rather than back it up into the system. Although this used to be standard procedure, with antilock brakes you risk pushing contaminated fluid into the antilock mechanism which could cause problems later. I believe ford recommends changing the brake fluid every few years to remove contaminants that build up over time so a little fresh fluid certainly wont hurt.
  • barrettflbarrettfl Member Posts: 3
    Great article and pics. I wish you could have done the rears as well but I suppose they are similar. The only thing I wish you had provided was the torque specs at the caliper and wheels. Also, I saw where the factory had applied the blue thread lock/anti-seize...should this be re-applied?

  • dragonfueldragonfuel Member Posts: 1
    Yeah, that rotor retaining fastener ready pissed me off. I finally used a T40 and drove it home. Ford dealers have the correct socket to do this, not available to DYI'ers. I happy to see my instincts were correct.
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