Edmunds' 2002 Sport Hatchbacks Comparison

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I thought this might make a good topic of discussion. Here's a direct link to Edmund's 2002 Sport Hatchbacks Comparison Test. Let us know what you think.

Thanks for your comments!

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  • bill_1bill_1 Member Posts: 97
    I think it was a mistake to use the Beetle Turbo S instead of a GTI 1.8T. The GTI is closer is price to the others in the test and of course as the inventor of the Hot Hatch segment should have been given a role in the test (It is of course kind of annoying that the GTI is mentioned several places in the article but is not included). As it is, you should have included the RSX in the test. It is certainly a hatch, considering the Price of the Beetle is in the same price range, less if you stuck with the base version, and it would have also been interesting to see how the Civic and its Acura Sibling compare head to head.
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Member Posts: 1,696
    but isn't the Beetle Turbo S' running gear the same as the GTi? I can't imagine there being much of a difference at all in track times, performance, etc...

    By the way, does the Turbo S have the same brakes as the GTi? I can't remember. I want to say that the Turbo S might have bigger brakes, but I don't know.
  • edchenedchen Member Posts: 31
    Where's a Vibe GT or Matrix XRS? Is 3 doors a requirement?
    Maybe the RSX, Celica and Eclipse were excluded because they're fastbacks.
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Member Posts: 1,696
    a "hot" hatch even with the 180hp engine. I bet the lap times would bare that out. Now if TRD releases a version of the Matrix, then it might be a contender.
  • bpibpi Member Posts: 120
    The Beetle's 0-60 time is too high.

    "However, we will say it's possible that our test car was under-producing."
  • revkarevka Member Posts: 1,750
    and left others (i.e. gti, rsx) out. However keep in mind that the GTI, RSX, Celica GT-S, and Eclipse were included in Edmunds' recent 2001- 2002 Sports' Coupe Comparison. As a matter a fact most of the vehicles in the Sports' Coupe Comparison were also hatchbacks. Could be they wanted to use hatches they hadn't tested before, so the two reviews would not be too similar. Just a thought. ;-)

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  • verozahlverozahl Member Posts: 574
    If the Focus SVT won, not enough competitors are out there, or somebody was NOT invited to the party.
  • bill_1bill_1 Member Posts: 97
    The Turbo S has a 6 speed manual and the 1.8 Turbo version of the GTI currently is limited to a 5 speed (though there are going to be special editions this year and next that will have a 6 speed). While they are built on the same platform, I think the differences between the cars, both in the cockpit and in the dynamics (if for no other reason than the weight is distributed differently) is enough to warrent seperate consideration. Also the GTI would have been closer in price to the other cars in this comparo.
  • tiredofmanualtiredofmanual Member Posts: 338
    Yeah, I agree - the Porsche 911 Turbo was noticeably missing from the comparison test.
  • c702000c702000 Member Posts: 39
    ALL these comparions and no MB C230 Coupe or is in a class my it's self?
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Member Posts: 1,696
    if you take into account what a decently optioned C-coupe will run, yeah I think it's in a different class. Besides, they shouldn't be allowed to compete because MB is not brave enough to call it a hatchback. Biggest damn trunk lid I've ever seen on a coupe ;-)
  • nippononlynippononly Member Posts: 12,555
    I consider my celica to be a hatchback, and that would have done pretty well in this comparo I think. I don't even know how a New Beetle is a hatchback - it seems a lot more like a coupe to me, and lots of other folks call it a coupe as well. It seems clear that they definitely should have used the GTI instead.

    And if they had the car I am considering buying, the WRX five door, in there, it would have been no contest. You can get one for $24K even with all the fixins, it is too short to be called a wagon, and it would have kicked butt over all these contenders.

    It is a shame they have watered down the Civic SI tho. I had a late 80's CRX SI, which was similar but without the back seat, and it was a hot little car. It defined the segment then, but I guess no more.

    Too bad they could not get a mini for this comparo, that car looks great. However I think it would have been too underpowered to win, so maybe it is just as well.

    One thing a "hot hatch" should have tons of is handling - how come all the ones here are so porky and/or undertired?

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  • shov6shov6 Member Posts: 177
    C'mon, what more is it going to take to prove to some of you that the SVT is "for real"? Won comparisons in Automobile, Car and Driver, Edmunds, etc... Face it, it's a great car and at the top of its' class.

  • veedubmcdaveveedubmcdave Member Posts: 1
    Yeah, how many recalls on that almighty Focus now? What a piece...
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Member Posts: 1,696
    a VW fan making fun of the Focus for recalls. -slaps forehead with hand in irony-

    I tell ya, they really need to put that "rolleyes" smiley face on the townhall.
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Member Posts: 1,696
    did not want to sound like I'm not a fan of VW. I love 'em, but just a little more grounded in reality than veedubmcnuggit.
  • verozahlverozahl Member Posts: 574
    I don't hear much about VW recalls. Am I just naturally not tuned into VeeDubness, or is info harder to find on VW?
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Member Posts: 1,696
    They just had a huge one not too long ago. Affected a lot of vehicles. (The recall that is. I don't think there were a lot of actual problems associated with it - vehicle fires I think?)
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Member Posts: 1,696
    any more info on the new 2004 Golf? I'm hoping for the (finally) independent rear suspension to be well sorted out. Also that the 1.8t be available in the 5-door again.
  • cybergrnbugcybergrnbug Member Posts: 7
    Why do people still bring up the Focus. They need to compare a Focus to a Neon!
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