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2014 Mercedes-Benz E350 Full Test Posts: 10,059
edited September 2014 in Mercedes-Benz

image2014 Mercedes-Benz E350 Full Test

Edmunds drives the mildly refreshed 2014 Mercedes-Benz E350 4Matic. Includes driving impressions, test data, photos, specs and more.

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  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    I really like the appearance with that grill and wheels and new rear valance. Seen several in person and it really modernizes the look. Too bad it doesn't ride well. I see a lot of my new Accord in the profile and rear 3/4, which is a compliment to Honda.
  • I'm going to be honest, I am a little surprised by this review. I'll admit part of it is bias, but this seems totally contradictory to every other automotive source who has generally agreed that the face-lift made the E-Class a better car overall. This review makes it sound like the E is continuing to do what it has always done: provide refined, traditional luxury. It has never been a sport sedan and I'm not sure why you would think a new appearance package would change that. Furthermore, this generation E-Class has always ridden stiffly with the AMG-wheels and non-air suspension. I certainly would not consider it uncomfortable. It is worse than the 5-Series, but about on par with the Audi. I almost always enjoy Mark's posts, but here it seems like he got totally hung up on the fact that the E-Class isn't a sport sedan and it clouded his vision to everything else.
  • "...but if you're after a sedan that ideally balances performance and luxury, there are better choices. The Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and Jaguar XF more accurately hit the mark."

    Why not mention the new Cadillac CTS? Car and Driver, Consumer Reports, Motortrend etc already said it...its the new benchmark. Did you forget your own glowing review of the car as well? Typical ....
  • @niteriderc5, I agree that the new CTS is impressive, but no one has called it the benchmark yet. It is likely the performance benchmark, but as the ATS has shown the better driving car isn't necessarily the better car. Once comparison tests start rolling
  • Mercedesfan - "Benchmark", "best handling" are words being thrown around regarding the CTS based on current reviews. Im not making this up. I'm no fan boy either (I daily drive a CLK Mercedes) I just thought it was careless to bring up the Jag XF (a car that exhibits no commendable objective characteristic and few subjective) and not the Cadillac CTS, which Insideline themselse have already tested and like.
  • To quote Insideline "beautifully flat even in hard corners, while still maintaining a resiliency that allows it to soak up berms without becoming unsettled. It follows its intended path with precision - the Vsport's chassis exhibits poise and alertness, and drives smaller than it is. - This is insidelines editor, Motortrend summed up similarly..Lets also put this in perspective, aren't those the exact same traits every editor and enthusiast loved about the pre bloated BMW 5 series for ? (E60, E39) Listen CUE is a first of its kind with GM, wasnt Idrive a POS? Give it time CuE 2.0 is already being developed as we speak.
  • @niteriderc5, I absolutely agree with everything you said about the way the CTS drives. The ATS is also phenomenal from behind the wheel. I simply want to caution that just because it drives well and reviews well in early First Drives does not make it the
  • Mercedesfan- I understand what you are saying. But lets be honest, the E class sells on its history and of course the three pointed star majority of the time. Forget its "luxury" attributes because anyone can throw together a car with soft suspension and extra sound deadening material these days and call it luxury. There are things that do and should stand out in this particular segment and driving dynamics should be relevant. I agree with this article's editor that the E class is not what it used to be. IMO add the C class, 5 Series and 3 Series to that list of. They will continue to sell because the perception of excellence has already been established. It's almost comical thinking about the level of decontent going on with mainstream luxury German cars these days.
  • Dont even get me started on the excess weight gains either...If Cadillac can keep the weight of its sedans in check the way it does why cant BMW, Mercedes and Audi do the same?
  • .
  • @niteriderc5, I highly disagree that the C-Class and E-Class are not what they used to be. There is simply no question that the W204 is the best the C-Class has ever been. My first car way back in 1994 was a C280. Great straight-6 engine, but pretty medio
  • Interesting how the Lexus GS F Sport is left out of this. Lexus has improved a lot with their new generation GS. The new GS is another car that every one should consider and test drive.
  • Well I guess it is to be expected. With the Germans racing down market to grab ever larger shares of the total auto market, that they'd begin producing mediocre cars. I note BMW is guilty of the same with its 3 and 5 series. I sure hope Jaguar doesn't follow suite with its coming smaller sedan. At this price point we should be getting something that feels special, not a mass production product. Mercedes has at least kept its individual models looking unique. WIth BMW and Audi they all look like different sizes of the same car. It's actually hard to distinguish a 3 from a 5 series or a A4 from an A6 or A8.
  • I am trying to decide between buying a used 2014 MB e350 or leasing a new Audi A3. Any opinions?
  • BlakeBlake Posts: 63
    Hello @justcallmefinn Thanks for reaching out to Edmunds! That depends on a few things like, how many miles do you drive annually, how long do you plan to keep the E-Class, if you went that route and do you need a larger interior? I personally am a huge fan of the E-Class, I believe it does everything well and so do our editors. I have attached below a link to our expert review on the 2014 E-Class

    I would suggest going with a used E-Class over the A3. But only if the E-Class is a certified pre-owned. This way you have an extended warranty, the vehicle has been inspected, has a clean CarFax and you will not have to worry about any repair costs. The A3 is a nice car, but it is Audi's entry level sedan and I can not think of anything it does better than an E-Class. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

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