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Ford Mustang (2004 and earlier)

gt4megt4me Posts: 58
edited January 2014 in Ford
I started this thread for new owners of Mustangs but feel free to leave anything concerning Mustangs here.

I've recently purchased an '02 Mineral Grey GT with the Deluxe Package. I'd like to chat with other new owners about Mods, any problems, any positive feedback, anything...concerning the new Mustangs.

My own personal feedback: Kick Butt Car! I paid $21k for mine after rebate and haggle. What did everyone else pay? I live in Florida and will have Steeda doing most of the work on my new car. I'm initially looking into Stage 1-3 suspension kits, brakes, steel brake lines, and some other small mods. I've joined a club that sponsors driving schools that take place at such tracks as Sebring International and Atlanta Motor Speedway to name a few. if you wanna check it out. I'd like to learn to drive my car with these handling type mods before adding horsepower. I'm not looking to push horsepower until I have a firm grip on how the car drives in serious racing situations. I feel the lower the power, the more I'll have to drive the car to it's limits, making me a better driver.

Once I've got this down I'm thinking of the latest Super Charger kit that Steeda is working on for the '02 Mustangs. In speaking to one of the product managers at Steeda, they are 60 days out on the kit but when it hits, it should add about 120HP to the wheels. Wow!

Ok that's enough for now until anyone else posts...nothing like talking to myself. Hope to see some threads here!



  • shov6shov6 Posts: 177
    Somehow I only just became aware of the upcoming Mustang for 2004... As per an old issue of Motor Trend, it will allegedly be based upon the same platform as the Lincoln LS-6, but shortened... Powered up to perhaps 280hp for the GT... 6spd manual in the GT... And that's the important stuff.

    Now that article was based upon all the latest info as of six months ago, and surely something more current is floating around? I guess the car is due out in approximately 12 months as an '04 car, so it should be very near its' final specification and styling by now. Does anyone have ANY information on this car?

  • I have been trying to get more data as well and the MT issue is the only thing out there. I can't wait I'm sure it will look great and sound great with plenty of power. My main concern is the problem I have with the current model or for that matter any Ford Product. THEY SKIMP ON THE INTERIOR!!! alot of hard plastic, cheap fit, or just plan boring.

    I think the interior need to make the driver feel like they are in a quality machine. I'm not talking wood grain just quality feel.

    The current models 5 speed looks like they forgot about it till last minute in the design. I think they need to look at most sports models out there BMW, NISSAN MAXIMA, ACURA RSX, for what I'm talking about.

    I know they need to keep cost down as the mustang is suppose to be affordable muscle power, But it can't cost much to make it not feel like a cheap rental car.....
  • ballparkballpark Posts: 41
    There is something about the next gen Mustang every month in Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords magazine. Unfortunately the last issue reported that the car has been pushed back to the '05 model year.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 20,288
    The car in the sketch looks much like a '68-'70 Mustang Fastback with a "chopped" greenhouse.
    Has anyone else seen it?

    2000 BMW 528i, 2001 BMW 330CiC

  • ballparkballpark Posts: 41
    I read in MM&FF that Ford had definately ruled out bringing back a fastback design. I'll have to get a look at that Automobile mag.
  • And its the exact same as yours :). He bought it about a month ago for $22,500. He chose to take the 0% interest for 3 years rather than the rebate. He has already put around 6k miles on it and seems to really be enjoying it. I have only drove it twice sofar and thought it drove great and had plenty of power. I didn't really get on it much since it hadn't been broken in yet. The mineral grey is easily the best color and it is really looks good with the premium wheels. I don't see my dad making to many changes to it. He might do some exhaust and intake work but thats about it.

    Welcome to the club!
  • perrittperritt Posts: 1
    i recently read on and in usa today that because of the location of the gas tank on ford mustangs, lives have been lost and people injured, that Ford has settled several cases out of court(hello firestone). i believe there have been as much as 40 incidences more or less. it is my understanding that upon rear impact not necessarily at high speeds, the car can and has exploded into a ball of flames causing lives or serious injuries to others. The articles mention that this problem has occurred in mustangs throughout the 90's. My question is this:

    Can anyone tell me if this also applies to the 2002 mustang? Is the 2002 mustang capable of exploding into a ball of flames upon impact be it mild or forceful impact?

    I don't want to buy my daughter a car that has a high probability of catching on fire.

    I await your response.
  • gt4megt4me Posts: 58
    I've been a Stangnet reader for years, even before I owned one. Great website. I wanted this chat to be more focused on our own opinions and future plans for our cars.

    I'd also love to know what is up with the '02 and the fireball thing. Please advise us all of you knowledgeable Mustang fans.


    If I have to go down in flames, I hope it's in the front seat of my new Mustang...That way no one else can have it!
  • shaman3shaman3 Posts: 1
    Hey Craig. Great idea with this. I could use some ideas for mods seein' as I don't really know much about that kinda stuff.

    I've had my '02 GT with the premium package for about a month now. I paid about 21,400 after rebates (which were pretty awesome I thought). I went with the black w/ dark charcoal. Was lookin' at the grey, but my sales guy said the only colors that stangs should be in are white, red, & black. I'm in FL too. West coast, south of Tampa about an hour.

    The only changes I've made so far were to the Mach 460 system. Not that it really needed it (best factory system I've ever heard). I added an Infinity BassLink and the sound is incredible now. I love that sub! I didn't want to give up the space in the trunk to a double sub box. What's the point in having fold-down seats if you can't utilize them, right? I had the BassLink mounted on the driver's side, rear-back corner. Now I can still toss a set of clubs in the back and have a kickin' sound system.

    Dealership was getting ready to do some work on my car and put it on the showroom floor the day after I met with my sales guy. He had to tell them it was already sold. They were talking about adding springs, flowmaster, and some kinda chip to increase the HP. May look into having that done sometime soon. Have you seen those taillight covers everyone has been adding? What are your thoughts on those? The mainly clear ones selling for about $260. I can't decide if I like them better or not.

    The only problem I've had so far was with the in-dash CD 6 player. Discs you burn and add labels to are getting stuck and jammin' up the drive. Pretty annoying. Had to bring mine in last week to have them pulled out. Tech. told me not to use the labels anymore because they'll negate the warranty. Heads up if anyone else out there has the same system.

    Hope we hear from some more people. Peace.

  • gt4megt4me Posts: 58
    I burn discs a lot. Thanks for the info Gary.

    I've not seen the tail light covers you are talking about, link? That's great you added a sub. I was thinking about that too. I've done some homework and I'll probably have Steeda doing my suspension work. They are located in Ft. Lauderdale right off of M L King Blvd.

    Where are all the gearheads?!

  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    Just picked up a new GT, and have been unsure as to the proper break-in procedure for the car...the owner's manual is vague at best, merely noting that "there is no specific procedure". Any thoughts on the proper procedure, and for how long it should be done? Thanks!
  • pinettedpinetted Posts: 104
    I have been told for the first 2k miles never to drive at the same speed for a long period of time. Avoid situations that require hard or emergency braking. Avoid full throttle, but the flip side of this is the theory that the harder you drive the car during break in, the faster it will be. I have no idea if that is true. Also change the oil after 1k miles.
  • ndmike88ndmike88 Posts: 155
    I had a '00 GT vert. Traded it on a '01 GT vert. Ford just bought that one back, now I have a '02 GT vert. (black of course.) Best one of the 3. I think Ford finally got it right on this one. I've had it since March 15 and have a total of 293 miles on it. It's just a toy. Good luck with yours and welcome!
  • snakerbillsnakerbill Posts: 272
    Well, I did it, I bought a Focus PZEV Auto in Egg Yolk yello, and I really like this little car. The dealer I bought it from, made a deal that he would take it back in trade when the 05's appear, and if I do not damage it he will give me 3/4 of what I paid for it. I have bought several cars from him over the years and he has always done what he said he would do, so I think I have a really nice little car to drive for the next year, and it seems that I will not lose my shirt in the process. This little car is way faster than the Honda Civic I previously had, and I am surprised at it's handling and brakeing. Super.
  • gt4megt4me Posts: 58
    I've got 5000 miles on my 02GT. It's only 45 days old :-/ I drive a lot of hwy miles for work and have been driving at constant speeds pretty much all of the time I've been breaking it in. A few hard accelerations (hey, it's a GT!) but mostly babying it. Can anyone else help us out with what the proper procedure is on breaking in?

  • snowbaby17snowbaby17 Posts: 1
    hey everybody. okay so i really want a 96 mustang coupe but im a lil confused. obviously the cheaper is the STD, and then the GTS, then the whats the difference with each one? and how are the stereo systems? i probably wont be able to find my way back to this message board so if you could email me with answers, if you have any that would be awesome. and then again, if you dont feel like goin to all that trouble, just post in here and ill try and find this site again. thanks so much for any help you can give. oh and my email is [email protected] thanks again!!!
  • Well the basic is the STD. It has a V6 with about 140 hp and runs a 1/4 in about 17 seconds. Its very slow. I wouldnt recommend getting a V6. Next its the GTS. Iam not really sure if it was produced in 1996. I think it was a 1995. Anyways, it was a stripped down version of a GT. It had the V8 but no p/w p/l. I recommend something like this for racing. Then it was the GT. It was a 4.6 V8 SOHC with 215HP stock. Ran a 1/4 in the high 14s. I had one myself. Its a great car. Its available with a stock stereo which isnt that good and a MACH 460 stereo. The MACH is much better. But thats the last thing that Iam worried about when looking for a stang. Good luck finding a ride!
  • jaki30jaki30 Posts: 73
    Need help. Trying to find a 00 or 01 V6, AT, loaded, tan leather, Laser Red or Dark Green convertible.
    The prices went from 16,495 last week in Raleigh to 18,500 all over.
    Was told to wait until June for the price drop with the 03 production and the spring vert season over. Any truth to this?
    Trade in on the 01 is only 15k. 40% drop in the first year.
    How are these cars? (Currently drive a 98 Nissan
    pickup). Are they worth it to buy? I think 17k for an 01 and 15k for
    the 00 are reasonable prices. 02 rentals showing up on the market for
    19k-19.5k. Need help, have conv. bug! (Wife wants a Sebring:()
  • ricschricsch Posts: 540
    Can anyone direct me to where I might find some information from owners of '79-'93 Mustangs who had installed subframe connectors? I have a '93 5.0 ragtop and was thinking of putting some on and would like some ideas on what brand or type to consider. Thanks.
  • demonspeeddemonspeed Posts: 75
    I have maximum motorsports full length subframe connectors on my GT. They really made a huge difference, and mines a hardtop. Check out and
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    Do you drive the new Ford Thunderbird, the Ford Mustang or the Porsche Carerra? If so, and if you're willing to talk with a major daily newspaper about your car, please send your vehicle info and contact info by Wednesday, May 22 to [email protected]. Thanks!


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  • I'm looking at '02 GT with Steeda exhaust, throttle bodies, pulleys, suspension & other minor additions vs. '03 Mach 1...has anyone made any additions yet? if so is it worth it
  • demonspeeddemonspeed Posts: 75
    Go with the Mach 1. Anyone can throw on that stuff. That stuff is all pretty cheap and easy to do yourself.
  • hoss99hoss99 Posts: 2
    any information on this subject would be greatly appreciated. i am shopping for a 2002 mustang gt with auto trans. in the new york area. i have heard from a number of dealers and compared to the price on cars, which is 22,535 with rebate included the closest dealer was 400 over this price. can this be for real? has anyone dealt with carsdirect? thanks.
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    Call this a dumb question, but hey, first-time GT owner. I have a 2002 GT with a 5 spd, and am finally past the break-in period. I've starting to enjoy the uniquely fun aspects of a rwd V8 car (previous car was a fwd econo-car) However, I can't get the tires to "chirp" on upshifts. Proper techniques for doing this? After all, what's the fun of a pony car if you can't do this sort of stuff occasionally... Thanks for the help. -John
  • raiidenraiiden Posts: 2
    Get rid of those stock yellow bulbs and get Super white hid class bulbs. I sell them cheaper than anyone. these are high performance bulbs check out the picture it speaks for itself.

  • demonspeeddemonspeed Posts: 75
    Wind it out... that's about it besides shifting faster...
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    I am looking into buying a 02 and I did not have the opportunity to see a leather interior. In reading the literature it states the front buckets are leather but no mention of what the rear seating is made of. I am interested in the leather but I just hope that they did not leave the rears cloth as that would look a bit shaky in a new car.

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me please.

    Thanks very much
  • revdrluvrevdrluv Posts: 417
    The back seats are leather don't worry.
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