2013 Tesla Model S Long-Term Road Test

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image2013 Tesla Model S Long-Term Road Test

Edmunds long-term update of the 2013 Tesla Model S includes discussion of the Model S's interior storage.

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  • 133712133712 Member Posts: 5
    If you look at the Tesla's accessories website, they are about to release a center console with matching interior trim color that you place in that giant hold so that there are storage compartments
  • mayhemmmayhemm Member Posts: 6
    Sorry Josh, I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not. Do you actually like the big space between the seats, or are you mocking Tesla for not making more creative use of it? If the former, I think you are in a minority (thus the existence of optional console inserts like the one mentioned above). Personally, I don't think I will mind it. But I don't have my car yet, either. Maybe it will annoy the heck out of me (nowhere to rest your right knee).
  • barackobamabarackobama Member Posts: 2
    I loooooooove the center space. Makes it roomier, and you can put your stuff there.
  • barackobamabarackobama Member Posts: 2
    slobs, they may prefer a console so they can keep their slobbiness hidden from others.
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