2014 Infiniti G37 Sedan Gets $4,800 Price Cut

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image2014 Infiniti G37 Sedan Gets $4,800 Price Cut

The 2014 Infiniti G37 Journey sedan starts at $33,455, reflecting a $4,800 price cut over the 2013 model.

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  • fortstringfortstring Member Posts: 111
    I wonder what all those G25 buyers are thinking now.....
  • patrickwpatrickw Member Posts: 32
    The G37 makes nearly double the horsepower of the 320i; in what universe would one call these "competitors"? (Unless the price drop means we now get the G25 engine.)
  • shatnershatner Member Posts: 176
    An Atlima V6 coupe can cost 33k, so the G37 sure looks like a bargain next to that now.
  • groofunkistangroofunkistan Member Posts: 1
    I was leaning towards buying an Acura TL in the next few weeks. I wonder how much lower I can get one in light of this price drop?
  • bobbell2245bobbell2245 Member Posts: 1
    What about the 2014 G37 Hardtop Convertible. What's the starting price on it and what packages will be available? Does anybody know yet?
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