2014 Ford Fiesta With 1.0-Liter EcoBoost Engine Is Fuel-Economy Leader

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image2014 Ford Fiesta With 1.0-Liter EcoBoost Engine Is Fuel-Economy Leader

The 2014 Ford Fiesta with the 1.0-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost engine is the most fuel-efficient non-hybrid car offered in the U.S., based on its 45 mpg highway fuel economy.

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  • zman49zman49 Member Posts: 12
    Doesn't that just tie it with the BMW 328d, which also is rated at 45 MPG highway?
  • dagmar3dagmar3 Member Posts: 8
    There must be another reason - besides fuel economy - to buy a 1.0L Fiesta - better handling? More torque? Lighter weight? A greater fun-to-drive factor? More equipment?

    The base 1.6L costs less than a penny per mile more to operate. Would a buyer rather have the base Fiesta with 20,000 miles worth of free gas or the 1.0L with bragging rights?
  • owlafayeowlafaye Member Posts: 3
    Fuel economy numbers only seen on hybrids and diesels?

    Nahhh, Geo Metro has been EPA certified for 58 mpg/hwy since 1989...mine still gets 53 mpg/hwy...easily...and 45-47 city/hwy always.

    Geo Metro: the leader in continuing embarassment for Detroit.
  • owlafayeowlafaye Member Posts: 3
    Wouldn't it be great if Suzuki popped up with a non-hybrid, non-electric, non-diesel sub compact that got 70 mpg and met all safety strictures/rules?

    They CAN do it...of course, the American public is probably still in a dark cavity and STILL reluctant to buy a Suzuki (except pizza delivery businesses)...laughter
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