2012 Jaguar XF Long-Term Road Test

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image2012 Jaguar XF Long-Term Road Test

Every time I drive our long-term 2012 Jaguar XF Supercharged, I'm struck by how much fun it is, but it has way too many rattles for a car with only 22,000 miles.

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  • yellowmiatayellowmiata TexasMember Posts: 23
    Two things:
    1) Odd how few comments are here relative to the old InsideLine. I hope you guys go back to that domain and format soon (or sell the URL so someone else can pick up where you left off)

    2) Many in the motorcycle community talk about a bike's character and focus on the engine. Oddly, the weirder the engine config (3-cyl, V4, or L2 for example), the more character. Funny enough the most Mai tenancy free and smooth running engines (Honda sometimes gets this honor) are labeled as soulless as he quirky nature is honed out. What is left is an engine that needs less maintenance and nearly bulletproof: character-less? I don't know if I agree, but something to consider.
  • duck87duck87 Member Posts: 649
    @yellowmiata: heh, that's an easy assessment to make when you're a fairweather warrior. Up until the Panigale most Ducatis never rode as well as their specs and high-end components seem to suggest (their less 'soulful' cousin, Aprilia, makes way more tech
  • panamera4panamera4 Member Posts: 4
    I've always gotten that vibe when comparing Jaguar's to their German competitors. As a long time proponent of German automobiles its hard for me to jump on board with the British facade of decadent luxury when the substance and engineering ingenuity in the product seems to be missing juxtaposed to its teutonic competitors.

    On a side note, as significant as the Watts Towers are to the history of the community and LA as a whole, I would hesitate driving or leaving a car of that value in that area.
  • zimtheinvaderzimtheinvader Member Posts: 580
    anyone thought of asking the dealer if they could fix some of the rattles?
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