Nissan Unveils New-Generation 2014 Rogue Crossover Posts: 10,130
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imageNissan Unveils New-Generation 2014 Rogue Crossover

Nissan's 2014 Rogue compact crossover comes on an all-new, Renault-shared platform with enough newfound interior space to offer an optional third row of seating.

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  • shatnershatner Posts: 176
    I remember a long time ago I sat in a new Renault at a multi-brand car dealer. When I shut the door the armrest came off. I quickly got out of the car and tried to shut the door, the door would not shut, it did not line up, like the door hinges had bent under the weight of the door. Sounds like a great alliance there Nissan!
  • It's amazing how this vehicle was considered by some to be 'funky' looking not too long ago.
    Now it looks pretty bland, especially after the Juke rolled off the line.
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