100 Most Beautiful Cars of All Time

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image100 Most Beautiful Cars of All Time

Review of the 100 most beautiful cars ever made.

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  • georgemhorsleygeorgemhorsley Member Posts: 1
    A '84 Audi Sport Quatro S1, a '97 Land Rover Defender,

    And the Cayman S gets zip.
  • dogslovetrucksdogslovetrucks Member Posts: 1
    The list plays much better is you start at the end and move toward the beginning.
  • thundercloud50thundercloud50 Member Posts: 1
    In the 50's I knew the make, model, and year of all American built cars. I could even identify them at night sometimes by their light configuration. Kids will invent games like these when there are no other distractions. Unfortunately today's cars all look pretty much alike to me. I liked those years in the 50'swhen the body styles changed yearly. The big 3 automakers even made it sort of a mystery as to what they would look like. For a few years they even transported their cars under tarps which made it hard for those of us who lived out in the country to see what the new ones looked like.
  • princess_viviprincess_vivi Member Posts: 1
    yeah i still think that the 1974 ferrari 246 gts is the worlds most beautiful thing. and for corvettes: the 1969 is better than the 68.
  • af11231093af11231093 Member Posts: 1
    1954 mercury 4 dr. was great too.
  • Buster64Buster64 Member Posts: 1
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    What a ridiculous article about a visual item with not one single photo. How dumb is that? I know you can flip back and forth on some links to see some pictures. Let's figure out how to waste more of my time.
  • texastrucker58texastrucker58 Member Posts: 4
    In my opinion the 1979 Lincoln Town Car was the most beautiful car on the road. Regretfully, it was one of the most unreliable cars I have ever owned . Dropped a Valve at 38000 miles and Lincoln said too bad too sad, you need a new engine. Electronic gremlins everywhere in that car as well.
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