Ford Ranger vs. F150

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I am moving up to mountains come this fall, and it is evident I will need a 4wd truck...My budget is limited, thus I was looking at the Ford Ranger Edge, but upon visiting a few dealerships, my Mom was like, "if you are going to buy a truck buy something that looks like a truck". Is there any reason I should go for the F150 (I'd get the Sport 4x4) over the Ranger, besides to make my mom happy?


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    Looks at what each will cost ya

    When i was looking at trucks i was looking at the ZR2 S-10 and silverado

    ZR2 sticker price was $26 something and the silverado was $32K. Larger engine and size gave me my choice on the full size

    If the prices are similar (1-2K from each other) i would personally go with the fullsize. But then again is mpg important to you. Do you want/need a V6 or V8?
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    be surprised if you compare mpg figures for 4x4 V6 compacts and V8 4x4 full-size trucks. There's not much of a difference. Around 2mpgs in most cases. If I were in your shoes, my budget would be the big factor.
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    yea pluto i agree

    My truck( 5.3 V8) gets 1 mpg less than my moms V6 blazer
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    I have owned full size & compact pickups...lots of em. Gas mileage is extremely close between em. Actually my full size silverado with a 4.3 gets better mileage then any 4 liter ranger i had(had 4 of em).
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    let her pick it.The comparasons in #3,4&5 also reflect my experience.You won't save that much on fuel with a compact V6 ,so what do you like to drive?F150 is more comfortable than Ranger but Ranger may be sportier.

    Is it going to work like a truck? If so get the F150.Do you want a sporty commuter to hual bikes or a kayak? Get the Ranger.

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    I've owned them both. First was a Ranger 4X4 supercab which I thought was less expensive to purchase and maintain than F-150. Really wanted an F-150 though. Next came the 4X4 F-150 supercab. I really enjoyed each of these and both held up with only a few problems. Purchase price and mileage were not that different. With either you'll want a limited slip differential especially if you need to use four wheel drive. And if four wheel is needed, make sure you have an adequate payload, bags of sand etc. Payload holds true with all, Chev, Dodge, etc. gets you better traction in the yuck.

    With all considered, the f-150 is a better value IMO. Better visibility as it sits higher and as others have mentioned, heavier and safer.

    I now have an F-250 for the same reasons. Better value for not a lot more money than F-150. It's taller and heavier yet but lots more rig than most of us need.

    good luck

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    A Ranger extended cab has room for you and a friend,your jackets and a case of beer.That is all.F150 ext cab or supercrew has more interior room than most all cars,and can tow and haul lots. Why have this forum?
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    I have alot of experience with extended cab 4x4's. A 2001 ranger w/4.0 sohc and 5spd auto and a 1997 f150 w/5.4 and 4spd auto. The f150 averages about 13 in town and at best 16.5 on the freeway. The ranger averages 15 to 16 in town and 19 plus on the freeway. The ranger is easier to maneuver around town and in parking lots, but there's nothing like the room of an f150 when it comes to hauling things around. The ranger is about $7k cheaper when all is said. If you drive 20k miles a year the difference in your gasoline bill will be about $35 a month. So, the choice is a tough one their both good vehicles if money is any issue then the ranger is the answer, if not get the f150?
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    I currently own my 4th Ranger - 2001 XLT Supercab 4.0L manual transmission 4x4. People always ask me why I didn't get the F150. Here are several reasons for going with the Ranger:
    1. 10-15% better fuel economy than F150. This adds up over time.
    2. Ranger is much more manuverable and fun to drive around town. Try parking a supercab F150 in a parking lot.
    3. The Ranger has a payload of 1500 pounds, and can tow 5600 pounds with the automatic tranny. In reality, when are you ever going to need more than that?
    4. I love manual transmissions - you can't get one in the 5.4 F150.
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