2013 Tesla Model S Long-Term Road Test

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image2013 Tesla Model S Long-Term Road Test

Questionable customization for a Tesla Models S

Read the full story here



  • zhangrenhouzhangrenhou Member Posts: 79
    Different strokes for different folks!
  • throwbackthrowback Member Posts: 445
    yeah, I'm speechless.
  • drcomputerdrcomputer Member Posts: 82
    As Ian, the owner of the pictured car would say, there are 31 flavors of ice cream for a reason.
  • anurag1anurag1 Member Posts: 2
  • duck87duck87 Member Posts: 649
    Wow, I'd like to see what the Tesla community has to say about this. I think this damages the pride of the company more than any NYTimes article. Is Musk going to sue?
  • kjenneratorkjennerator Member Posts: 1
    That's gross. Why would you even???
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