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Ford F-150 Harley Davidson Supercharged Super Crew 2002

tgravo2tgravo2 Posts: 70
edited March 2014 in Ford
Anyone own one, just wanna know your thoughts one them. Does anyone think they are overpriced??? I might look at one at the end of this year. I just saw one 2 days ago at a local dealer, I think they are awesome. What do you guys think.


  • Saw a full lineup at Green Valley Ford in Fairfield, CA. They have four in stock. Asked for a "test" ride and the salesperson stated that they aren't authorized to give any. Looks about the same as the regular edition of the Harley-Davidson model. Lot of money. Think about it. You can buy an SVT Mustang for about the same money and blow the doors off of this pickup. Plus better fuel mileage.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    your bike in the back!
  • califjohncalifjohn Posts: 101
    I wonder about the chronic ford oil leak problem on the 5.4 V-8 with the blower. I suspect that the engine is built to handle the added stress of the supercharging by Rousch and they would have fixed the oil leak tendency. Other than that is seems like a great ride. I saw a black one from 2001 (same except for engine) but have not seen any 2002's in the San Jose Ca area yet. The fleet guys at the dealerships laugh when you ask about price, so I suspect it will be packed like the T-Bird at least at first.
  • qualityguyqualityguy Posts: 101
    Is it true that 2.6 miles per gallon is the real fuel consumption number for this car?
  • truckdudetruckdude Posts: 55
    Selling for around $33k in the Denver area, about $3k off sticker price. Not bad. I test drove one before buying my 02 Screw FX4. If I didn't need 4x4, this would have been an option.

    gmengineman1 - everybody and their brother (and sister, mother, girlfriend - you get the point) has a Mustang...this is one sharp truck that hauls in style and seats 5 comfortably. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
  • eleets00eleets00 Posts: 27
    Hello all. I hate to go backwards, but I would like to if anyone here owns the 2000 F150 Harley Davidson SuperCab &/or the 2001 F150 HD CrewCab. How do they drive? How is the reliability? What is the gas mileage like? I'm looking at the 2002 Ram Quad Cab, but like the Harley Davidson F150's better. But.. after my 96 Contour fiasco, I'm skeptical of buying another Ford product (I've heard the horror stories on the pre-2K2 Ram's). I live in Stn Mtn/Lithonia, GA & have to drive 48 miles round trip to work every day. Plus I plan on getting sport bike & would like to know which one is better equipped to handle the bike. How much should I expect to pay for either? Any info/advice anyone can provide will greatly appreciated.

    PS - Anyone know where I can get some info on the next generation F150's?
  • First of one listen to "Nice truck but by califjohn" - he doesn't have a clue what he is talking about. I have a '01 HD (5.4) and have no oil leak problems. The '02 has the 5.4 Triton with Eaton supercharger (The same engine that comes on the SVT Lightning) The tranny has also been upgraded to the 4R100 to handle the extra power which is also from the Lightning. can say it has been tuned by SVT...but not rousch. SVT is the performance branch of FORD and is part of FORD. Rousch is a completely separate aftermarket company.

    Also...they don't get 2.6 MPG...nice try on that joke...but it wasn't funny - I usually get around 13-14 in the city and the tanks capacity is 25 gallons. '02 require premium gas
  • tgravo2tgravo2 Posts: 70
    anyone know if they will make the supercharged HD for 03???
  • redbugredbug Posts: 1
    it"s a dream gets 13 mpg it is a special edition limited no thats why they come numbered mine is no 5537 i couldn"t find out how many are going to be made as yet a ford service mgr is checking that for me there will not be a 2003 model it was a special edition to correspond with the harley davidson motor cycle anniversary edition this is the best and accurate info i could find hope this answers some of your questions my other car is a 2002 bug turbo
  • Number 6553 now in hands of a completely satisfied owner. I had been looking about 4 months trying to work the deal I thought was best and think I finally did (if not, it's too late!)
    $32,500 out the door, sticker $38,405 & invoice $33,610. Once I got below invoice, even with all the unknown behind the line rebates, incentives and volume discounts I was happy. This truck is great.
    With just a few moderate aftermarket mods they easily & quickly capable of 400hp. With some more aggressive ones I have seen hp numbers in the low 500's. While the Lightning is an equally awesome truck, I needed (wanted) a supercrew or 4 door and this was the way to get the performance of a Lightning and the additional versatility of the supercrew. And with just a change in SC pulley set up and chip re-program you can instantly match the 380hp of the L!
  • califjohncalifjohn Posts: 101
    The oil leak problem between head and block in some the Triton V8 series is well documented by Ford. Rousch is also a subcontractor to Ford for the supercharged engines. All info came from the Blue Oval News site. I'm glad you are not having any problems and enjoying your truck!
  • I can vouch for the 5.4L oil leak as I have a '98 Expedition which is leaking but its nothing bad...nothing I worry about. I have almost 100k on it and I'm quite happy with it.

    As for the HD I am going to buy one but I don't know if I should jump at the 02 model or wait for an 03 model. I hear rumors that there might be one there might not...if there is one the new color with be black and silver two tone...anyone know anything? I don't want to wait for an 03 only to find out that there are no 02's to be found anymore.
  • I had read on a couple of boards that there would not be a '03 HD. I was completely unable to confirm with anyone from Ford. Info on the '03 F150 was difficult at best to get overall. I did find out and confirmed that there would be no changes in the '03, that they will go with the '03 Expedition platform in '04 on the F150. Besides body changes the significance of this is the independant rear suspension, wheel base width & length changes compared with current F150 platform. May impact load capacity. It sounds to me like Ford is going after the consumer market with the F150 and if you want a "truck" go with an F250. Unlike Chvy, where you can only get a 4 door "supercrew" cab in the heavy duty series even in the 1500.

    Not knowing if there would be a '03 HD edition and confirming there would be no change in the F150 until '04 were two key factors for me to go ahead and purchase an '02 now. The third factor (besides the fact I wanted one!) was the price. From everything I watched, they did not move much off sticker for the first 6 months of the year playing on the limited edition vehicle and new changes for '02 tactics(supercharged engine). If there is an '03 it would probably be the case again and I did not want to wait for a year to get one. I don't know if it's any indication or not, but in the Charlotte area there were a couple of dealers that have had anywhere between 6 & 15 in stock for the last 60 day's. It would seam to me that either Ford is flushing the system or they have not sold well recently and there is an excess. I know the dealer I bought from wanted to sell these units badly, I literally walked out of the place three times the night I bought it. I don't think they really believed I would leave with out it and they were going to do everything / anything to make the deal. Which is finally what they did.

    Just some general comments & observations from another perspective. Hope it helps. Only had the truck for a week but I love it!
  • This is the closest thing I could get to some material on the possible '03 HD. No doubt in my mind, I'm going to buy one since it makes the most sense for work plus adds the character flare I like. But this makes me want to wait even more. I don't mind about price too much, my friend owns a dealership ;)

    If the link doesn't work, I have a pic.

  • Thanks - Link worked as far as it got me to the Fordtruckworld web site - but it said file could not be found. Thanks for the heads up on the site - looks like it's another good site for us truck enthusiasts. I did not scan through all the content to look for the pic, I'm in through a dial up in a hotel room traveling on business right now - I will scan through when I back to my T1.
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