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abs failure

cajun12cajun12 Member Posts: 1
I own a 1999 GMC 1500 Z-71 and recently have had the abs computer fail.It made a roaring noise under the drivers side.Two of my friends laughed and told me that they also have had this problem.I disconnected the wiring plug which stops the noise but leaves the brake system uneffected.The part is GM#88935872.In talking with my GM service department they seem to indicate that there is an abnormally high failure rate with this system.The cost of the part is about $750.00 and the labor brings it up to $975.00.I have searched for a used part however it seems this part is in very high demand.I have noticed some discussions about a possible recall,but have not heard of any as of yet.Has anyone else had this problem? Has anyone had any help from GM? Any ideas as to a cheap fix?


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    jrpkcjrpkc Member Posts: 3
    I too had this problem, message #2101 Chevy Silverado problems, It cost me $795.00 at Cable-Dahmer Chevy in Kansas City, Missouri. This price varies so make sure that you check around for the best deal. Molle Chevrolet in Blue Springs, Missouri wanted almost $1,000.00. What a scam. Seems the dealer knew just what the problem was before I could finish explaining. It's been happening on a regular basis to Silverado owners, so beware. If enough people experience this, it will be recalled. So keep your receipts!
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    ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    call gm customer service

    Report your problem to the NHTSA

    That way if there are enough complaints it will be a recall
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    curious99curious99 Member Posts: 1
    Hello everyone
    first time user here. Anybody own a k3500 4x4 crew cab with 7.4 liter engine? If you do have you had any problems with it. I am seriously shopping for one here in CT and was wondering how they are holding up. Any advise would be helpful
    Thanks in advance
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