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2014 BMW 2 Series Coupe Unveiled Ahead of 2014 Detroit Auto Show Posts: 10,059
edited September 2014 in BMW

image2014 BMW 2 Series Coupe Unveiled Ahead of 2014 Detroit Auto Show

The rear-drive BMW 2 Series Coupe lineup will replace the old 1 Series Coupe when it goes on sale during the first quarter of 2014.

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  • bankerdannybankerdanny Posts: 1,021
    Doesn't the 328i use the 240 hp 2.0T?
  • I currently own a 135 so I've been waiting with interest for information about the new 2 series. The styling changes look very evolutionary. I'm glad that they've "strengthened" the character lines along the side so that they don't look saggy. Engine choices seem evolutionary, too-- as bankerdanny wrote, isn't the 2.0T the same as has been in the 328? It's too bad, though, that the small diesel won't be coming to the USA. A compact sports car with a strong pedigree and a 56mpg combined EPA rating would disrupt the market. (That's "disrupt" as in tech industry disruption. It's a good thing-- when you're the one doing it to someone else.)
  • can't speak for materials quality, but the design of the interior looks nicer than the 3-series, which I don't like much at all (had one for a few days as a loaner, and to me it is a huge step backwards from the previous generation). The turbo-4 is a nice engine, but I'd prefer the NA inline6 if they would still offer it. I wonder what the real world advantage is fuel economy is, I know the turbo 4 does well on the gov't fuel econ tests. Are they really doing a four door this time, and if so, I'd expect that would be called a 1-series, otherwise their new numbering scheme makes little sense.
  • It's almost as if BMW replaced their 3 series with the 2/1 series; like the spiritual successor to the 3 series of yore is indeed the 2 series. The 2 is probably the only BMW that has my interest.
  • This new "2-series" looks gorgeous - finally an attractive 1-series :)

    I have to say that as much as the 235i will be billed as the performance model, the 228i has the specs that grab my attention: nearly 3,000 pounds.

    That engine can fairly easily be bumped to ~300 crank HP, at which point you've got a 2-door coupe with a 10:1 pound/hp ratio, in a vehicle capable of getting mid 30s mpg on the highway and upper 20s in mixed driving.
  • Also, at these dimensions the 2 series is very nearly at the dimensions of the e46 3-series (1999-2006 model). A bit smaller still.
  • jeffinohjeffinoh Posts: 156
    It looks better. Less cartoonish. I never liked the swooped rockers of the 1 series. There's still a swoop there but its got a straight line below it which works better. More like a real BMW and less like a penalty box. As for the name- tomato tom-ah-to.
  • I'm glad this look is evolutionary and didn't get butchered like the 3 and 4. Man that 4-series looks BLOATED and pudgy! Not elegant in the least. I really don't like that vent in the side either, as functional as it may be. This 2 series is still attractive, and actually has a bit more aggression than the current model, which is a plus.

    Let's hope they kept what made the 1-series' driving experience great, and didn't also mess that up like on the 3.
  • kyolmlkyolml Posts: 37
    they are doing the same thing as the M135i. They didn't have have a 135i hatch before and when they got the N55 engine they called it M135i and slot above the 135i coupe. But they are still selling 135i M sport coupe in Europe, are they going to to get rid of the regular 135i M sport coupe in Europe and only get M235i? then that M stands for Marketing since it's just a replacement for 135i coupe?

    Maybe M235i M Sport package is above the regular M235i? ridicules....
  • stineystiney Posts: 28
    Nice looking car; a good, trim size too. A base 228i seems like an interesting value proposition, but I suspect as per BMW's standard practice you'll need to spring for several thousands of dollars in options to equip the car acceptably. At a close to $40K transaction price, this car is so not so appealing
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