2000 Volvo S40/V40 First Drive

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image2000 Volvo S40/V40 First Drive

For $25,000, one could get 2,175 copies of Abba's "Waterloo" from CDnow.com (Rock reached its zenith in 1974, right?). Or perhaps you would be so lucky as to bid on one of Bjorn Borg's Donnay wooden tennis rackets when he's a bit strapped for cash and selling them on eBAY.

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    I was considering a 2001 VOLVO S40, 99K mi., $4000, because of past reports of Volvo reliability, but after reading these consumer comments of the same recurring problems have decided to not persue a used Volvo S40. It seems Volvo's venture into this model has been very unfavorably problematic. To boot, the 90 day warrantee with this car is very inferior to the certified ones which also proved costly in repair problems. Thank you commentors for saving me a ton of problems, repair costs, and unreliability. I have trashed the ad and am no longer interested in an S40 Volvo.
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