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2014 Jaguar XJR LWB Full Test

Edmunds.comEdmunds.com Posts: 10,130
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image2014 Jaguar XJR LWB Full Test

Edmunds' Full Test of the 2014 Jaguar XJR Long Wheelbase, including test numbers, driving impressions, specifications and photos.

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  • beautiful car
  • ed341ed341 Posts: 0
    Is it true that there is no exposed plastic anywhere in the cabin? I thought I read when this generation was released that the only surfaces one could touch were leather, wood or metal.
  • noburgersnoburgers Posts: 500
    The car grows on you when you see it on the road. I wasn't sure at first, but started to appreciate it as we passed each other over a long trip. And the Jags don't have gret resale, so in aq few years it starts looking good. But I think the 'R' is a bit of overkill for me personally, I would probably be very happy with a lesser trim.
    P.S. Edmunds, where's the XFR-S long term wrap-up?
  • bankerdannybankerdanny Posts: 1,021
    Impressive performance, but I would still buy an S7.
  • marcos9marcos9 Posts: 96
    I'm with bankerdanny. Or get the RS7. That said though, any LWB car looks classy. This jag looks nice.
  • Having spent considerable seat time in this generation XJ, I certainly agree that it is hands down the best to drive of the uber-sedans. The Audi A8/S8 will put up better numbers, but it feels totally numb from behind the wheel. The XJ is legitimately fun, which is absurd for something so big. I also think it is stunning to look at. However, to my eyes the XJ has a substantially worse interior than the A8 and S-Class (the W222 for sure, but also the W221). The leather and wood are lovely, but the switch gear feels cheap, the infotainment screen is slow with bad graphics, and trim pieces rarely all lineup as they should. If I was looking for the best driving uber sedan it would be the XJ all the way, but I still think the A8 and S-Class are more complete luxury cars overall.
  • jeffinohjeffinoh Posts: 156
    The fact that this car is lighter than its much smaller sibling reveals the problem with Jags: randomness. They don't seem to have a plan or a logic to their cars. One looks great so I expect the subsequent ones to carry the theme but the siblings are all orphans in a weird way. I think power is important in true luxury but wings and turquoise paint don't seem very, um, sophisticated? Maybe Jag's designers have been sharing pipe tobacco with Morgan's. Or am I just late in realizing how bonkers Brit luxury can be?
  • Audi S8 better
  • I still haven't warmed up the looks of the new XJ. Just doesn't look right to me from any angle, and the black C pillars still look awful to me. Interior looks very nice, however. That I don't see too many prowling around Silicon Valley makes me wonder how well they are selling. I see several Tesla model S every day, but every time I see an XJ I take notice because of how seldom I see one.
  • I agree with all that's written. Unfortunately for Jaguar the buying public hasn't caught on to just how good Jaguars have become. I'm on my second Jag and love it. And its nice to be seen as classier and different from the average driver of a pricy car.
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