2015 Chrysler Minivan Aims for Romantic Look

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image2015 Chrysler Minivan Aims for Romantic Look

Chrysler Group is rethinking its minivan strategy, with a focus on dropping one model and coming up with a more

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  • greenponygreenpony Member Posts: 531
    A minivan is by far the most versatile passenger vehicle. You can seat 6-8 people, get respectable fuel economy, haul building supplies, and still fit in a typical garage. Sliding doors are a huge convenience too. It's the perfect family vehicle. Yet, the industry is moving away from minivans. Anything automakers can do to revitalize the minivan segment would be all right by me.
  • beecee1beecee1 Member Posts: 8
    KEEP THE CARAVAN! Dodge's sportier appearance can be another romantic addition since many ladies dig performance. Luxury AND performance is always a sexy combination! And besides: the Caravan has a longer history than the T&C in regards to the minivan segment. The Town & Country has reinvented itself almost as long as Chrysler had been selling cars. It can undergo another change!
  • rayzorrayzor Member Posts: 61
    I agree with the other posters, keep the Dodge Grand Caravan with more space and versatility while maintaining similar price points while Chrysler gets a crossover with more of a luxury inclination. I love the Grand Caravan for its swiss army knife like utilities. I am currently shopping for one to replace my truck; more passenger friendly room/amenities, secure cargo hauling, decent tow capacity, better mpg, fit nicely in a garage, more easy to maneuver, much cheaper, although reliability can use some improvement... :-)
  • craigstacecraigstace Member Posts: 1
    Just sold a 2006 T&C Limited to lease a 2015 T&C Touring L. '06 one of the best cars I've owned, including Cadalac. The handling and ride were by far and away the reason for getting the '15. Nine years of innovations make '15 a luxury ride. If '15 rides as nicely and lasts as long as '06, count me in for another T&C.
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