2014 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring AWD Long-Term Road Test

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image2014 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring AWD Long-Term Road Test

The Mazda CX-5 was an ideal holiday traveling companion: quick, fun to drive and frugal at the pump.

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  • yeachyeach Member Posts: 9
    "Class leader" but still a "B" according to Edmunds.
  • legacygtlegacygt Member Posts: 599
    It's time for Edmunds to update their rating for this vehicle. It's been getting across the board raves from just about everyone in just about every area. It's tech isn't the best and it's down a couple cubes on cargo capacity vs. some others. But how often do a couple cubic feet stand between fitting your stuff and leaving it behind. And isn't having a spirited but efficient driver worth more than a flashier infotainment system that will drive you nuts anyway?
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