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Heat is On for Danica Patrick, Chevrolet SS in Sunday's Daytona 500

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imageHeat is On for Danica Patrick, Chevrolet SS in Sunday's Daytona 500

Danica Patrick faded from the front and finished 17th in her Daytona 500 qualifying race Thursday, prompting some observers to fret about how she will fare on Sunday behind the wheel of the Chevrolet SS.

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    stovt001_stovt001_ Member Posts: 799
    "In audio from Speed's television broadcast, Patrick cited handling issues with her car" Something that surprises absolutely nobody who watched Indycar during Danica Mania. The only things she ever said over the radio were complaints that the car was too loose aka driving exactly how you want it to on an oval. "Five of the six top pole positions will be racing Chevrolet SSs" What in all the world of racing does "six top pole positions" mean? There is only one pole position, the top qualifier. Maybe NASCAR tried to change that through one of their stupid little gimmicks, but really, there's only one pole. Finally, all this should really just reaffirm that taking the pole at Daytona was an engineering achievement, just like her occasional non-backmarking Indycar showings were strategy and engineering achievements.
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