When To Pay Sticker Price for a New Car

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imageWhen To Pay Sticker Price for a New Car

It doesn't happen often, but there are times when full sticker price is what you'll wind up paying for a new car.

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  • fdgeibfdgeib Member Posts: 1
    TMV did not work out for me and I think I understand the reason. In my case, I was working with a local GMC dealer which is the only one in the county. They kindly searched and found my desired model from 2012 inventory in a 250 mile radius. The factory incentive along with supplier pricing was still well above TMV but with the local dealer acting as a "car-buying service" as well as my lack of a trade-in, left the dealer with little incentive to make a deal.
  • trying2help70trying2help70 Member Posts: 2
    As a evil, vicious, greedy used car salesman I wish people who always want to negotiate would try that crap at Walmart or their local electricity company. See how that works for them, personally I know what I'm willing to pay for a car and I don't waste time looking at $30K cars and trying to pay $25K for them because I'm not an idiot.
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