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2000 Tacoma Extracab 4-door ?

hodgeschodgesc Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Toyota
Will the 2000 Tacoma Extracab have 3 or 4
doors? Will it have a front body redesign?


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    ml6ml6 Member Posts: 4
    Best advice,...call your dealer.
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    kirbytkirbyt Member Posts: 39
    In the responses in the Tacoma sections I read that the 2001 unit will be the big change. 3 or 4 doors are likely in that year change. But I would not expect a major space change since the Tundra now fits that slot.

    Hope this helps.
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    tistevetisteve Member Posts: 142
    Was just at the dealer and saw the 2000 brochure, only new item is standard daytime running lights, even had some of the same pictures from the '99 brochure.
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    axranaaxrana Member Posts: 16
    From talking to dealers and doing some more research, I found out that in 2000 (as a 2001 model), the Tacoma is going to have a major change. Part of that is going to be a crew cab like the Frontier. Hope it is true.
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    batadbatad Member Posts: 8
    dealers are full of it! the guy i bought my sienna from, said no way toyota will be building a tacoma crew cab because the tundra already satisfies that market. i told him that toyota's a fool if that's the case.
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    doubledeckdoubledeck Member Posts: 5
    North America is the only continent that does not have Toyota "crew cabs".
    Around the world Toyota sells pick-ups under the
    Hi-Lux name....and yes, they sell "double cabs"

    Check out www.toyota.co.jp
    then click on english page
    then go to bottom of page and check out
    "toyota around the world" there you will find links various websites for toyota in different countries. I spoke with a couple Toyota Rep's
    and found out that These 4-door pickups should be available some time in 2000 Summer/Fall time frame.
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    doubledeckdoubledeck Member Posts: 5
    O.K. so there's seven of us on this thread.
    I've called two different people at toyota in Torrance, Ca. One said he was sure that it would be offered and another said she had no clue!

    If we can stir up some people and tell to get this machine here in the states maybe we could avoid the dreaded trip into the Final Frontier...
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    axranaaxrana Member Posts: 16
    I am about to go to the Toyota website and leave a message.
    Also, Final Frontier - that was pretty well put. I liked it.
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    javierriverajavierrivera Member Posts: 2
    I don't know why Toyota did not sell the CrewCabs here in the US. They are known as the "Hi-Lux" overseas and they are very popular in Latin America and many European countries.
    We must give credit where credit is due: Nissan was the first here in the US to sell a compact CrewCab. Everyone else is now following.

    I've been waiting for this truck for about 6 years. I will probably wait another year for Toyota to sell it here. NOTE: I can't believe that the most Technological Advanced country in the world lags "6 years" behind 3rd world countries on a compact CrewCab pickup truck!
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    doubledeckdoubledeck Member Posts: 5
    What's going on out there has anyone uncovered anything else from toyota. I sent them e-mail and registered a call to there 1-800 number asking for some info .
    I received the standard "Thanks for interest We'll
    get right back to ya on that One."
    Let's stir there pot. I'm obviously not the only person who would like to see the most dependable truck on the road offer the model I would like to purchase. Anyone know how Toyotas stack safety wise.
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    loopsloops Member Posts: 1
    I talked to finance at a dealership in Renton, WA and they told me that the four door tacoma will be on the lot in the spring of 2000.
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    lmeyer1lmeyer1 Member Posts: 215
    I heard it was going to have suicide doors. Anyone else hear the same thing?
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    wsnoblewsnoble Member Posts: 241
    I have heard the same. Check out Trucktrend.com. They have a "Future" vehicles forcast page...

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    doubledeckdoubledeck Member Posts: 5
    Hey Lee,
    I went to the San Jose Auto Show over the weekend and spoke with the folks at the Toyota booth and they said that Yes, indeed they we be out with a Tacoma four door in the Summer/Sept. timeframe.
    it would be a 2001 model and it would have suicide doors. Checked out thr Ford Sport trac...
    Frankenstein looks (looks like two ideas welded together) roomy, but odd.
    Checked out the Nissan and it seemed smaller than I thought.
    The Dodge was roomy but overall too big, might as well get a Tundra.
    Come on Toyota don't let us down...............
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    y2ktrdy2ktrd Member Posts: 81
    did they say if there was going to be any body changes?......
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    doubledeckdoubledeck Member Posts: 5
    They really didn't say much except that the 4-dr (suicide rear doors ) tacoma should be here by the end of summer or early fall. I can only imagine that they will have to do some sort of redesign on the truck. If you do as I suggested earlier on this board and go to the Toy jp website and then hop to the New Zealand website you can get some specs on the Hi-lux. They are pretty similar to the Nissan Frontier specs ( no thorough investigation). I can see that suicide doors could
    actually give you more room when it comes to entering and exiting the rear seat. The Nissan opening for rear area is just dinky. I want the Reliability and reputation that will stand behind my next truck purchase.
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    weasleweasle Member Posts: 24
    It's supposed to debut at the Chicago Auto Show this week (Feb. 10-12)!
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    weasleweasle Member Posts: 24
    Or try www.toyota.co.jp/Showroom/All_toyota_lineup/

    No suicide doors on this one. Looks like a direct frontier crew cab competitor.
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    lmeyer1lmeyer1 Member Posts: 215
    The Hi Lux has been available for years in other countries, but my understanding was that, for whatever reason, it was not the design Toyota intended to introduce here.

    For the U.S. market, I heard they were doing suicide doors. I hope I'm wrong, but I guess we'll find out this week.
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    wsnoblewsnoble Member Posts: 241
    Toyota Tacoma: New truck to feature extended cab access doors. Engines essentially carry over, with the four-cylinder expected to produce more power. On sale summer 2000.


    Browse out to the 3rd page of the 2001 area...

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    keith24keith24 Member Posts: 93
    Just read in March 2000 issue of Fourwheeler: The Toyota Hilux will not be offered for sale in the US. Something about it being strictly a work truck, and not haveing the comfort/convienence items.

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    diverdriverdiverdriver Member Posts: 3
    Check out the Chicago Auto Show website. THey have pictures of the new Tacoma Double Cab. What a sharp looking truck. Once again Toyota raises the bar. The truck has a 61 inch bed which is 13 inches longer than any other compact quad cab. Nissan, Chevy, Isuzu, Ford are all 48 inches. Dakota is 63 inches, Ford fullsize and Chevy fullsize are 66".


    My wife and I have been arguing on whether or not to buy an SUV or a truck. Looks like we will wait and buy the new Double DOor Tacoma.
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    poseidonposeidon Member Posts: 30
    I just went to a car show this weekend and checked out the competing offerings in the 4 door battle. I was woefully disappointed in the rear seating in the Nissan. My current ext. cab Z-71 (a lemon, hence the shopping around)has as much if not more. The Dodge's rear seat backs are nearly vertical, nearly identical to the Tundra. So far Ford is the only one that seems to have figured out that the purpose of a 4 door pickup is to give REAL room in the back seat and maybe offer a cheaper, open bed SUV. The Explorer Sport Trac interior space is much more accommodating. My obvious reservation with the Ford is the reliability and longevity. My question is this: Is Toyota gonna get it right? Or am I going to be equally disappointed by their offering. I really want a reliable, well made, full efficient, sporty, quick, powerful, versatile, and economical truck with space to carry four, real people, but still have the option to carry a motorcycle or other large cargo, sans trailer. Oh, and I don't want to break the bank. Not asking too much am I? If you look at the current domestic and import offerings (my Chevy included), you'd think so. I think the Toyota might do the trick, but not if the back seat isn't decent. If not I guess I'll have to opt for the 4-runner and give up the open bed, not to mention too much money.
    Also, I'm really interested in the turbo option the dealers offer on the 4-runner and might on the pickup. Anybody have one? Does it drastically effect mileage? Is the turbo itself well built and reliable? Does it effect the reliability of any other drive train parts? Finally, is it worth the 2K the want for it or are the V-6's enough (particularly in the 4-Runner)?
    Thanks for indulging my meanderings and any comments or advice is appreciated.
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    jasonpeterclarjasonpeterclar Member Posts: 30
    Toyota doesn't offer a turbo truck. Are you thinking of the TRD supercharger option? I think thats closer to 4000 dollars dealer installed and I'm sure its as reliable as the rest of a Toy. Yes it will effect the life of drivetrain parts. Probably not positively either. Think clutches (manual or auto). I would guess the Toy 4-door back seat will be from or similar to the 4-runner as they are the same width.

    And yes, you are asking for too much. There's only about 5000 of us in this country who need that kind of vehicle. I think the market will be oversaturated in two years when GM, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Dodge are all making a 4 door minis (well, kick out the Dodge). I mean, they are a little ugly and a lot of people buy on looks alone. (Then again, Navigators sell pretty well) The trucks will sit on the lot, the price will come down, and I will then buy.

    (Unless of course, you and I look so cool in them that the image buyers who will see us cruising in style with three of our friends and all the gear on display in back and decide they need to trade in their 1-1/2 year old full size extended cab because its just not the hip vehicle anymore and its a real [non-permissible content removed] to fuel and park and by doing so will drive up the price because they are stupid and will pay anything to look cool and the dealer knows that because he has a degree in marketing and takes advantage of all the dumb egomaniacs out there to the dismay of those of us who actually need the vehicle and will not pay 30k for a glorified light duty, useless for anything other than hauling my fat [non-permissible content removed] around town pick'em up truck)

    Then I'll just buy a used full size extended cab.
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    jasonpeterclarjasonpeterclar Member Posts: 30
    "reliable, well made, full efficient, sporty,
    quick, powerful, versatile, and economical truck
    with space to carry four, real people, but still
    have the option to carry a motorcycle or other
    large cargo"
    I think Toyota is going to be the closest to getting it right. Lets eliminate the Dodge from discussion because its really closer to full size than compact and despite what many posts say, their reliability is the worser of the big three and decades behind any import.

    Power: Toy's got their little V-6, not really torquey like the 4.3 Gm unit or a V-8 dodge, but a winder, and good enough with the short gearing Toy puts in their trucks (if you don't mind 3000rpm on the highway.

    Versatility: a 4-door pickup pretty much defines this. And Toys bed is 6 inches longer than the other compacts. (And despite what your girlfriend tells you, size does matter)

    Fuel Efficiency: You'll be lucky to get 20mpg highway with any of these heavy un-aerodynamic bricks. Get real.
    I'm estimating here:
    Dodge w/V8 17 highway on a good day
    GM w/V6 19-20 highway depending on gear choice
    Ford 19 highway with V-6 and 3.55's If they put a V8 in it, 17mpg tops
    Toy 19 highway

    Space: Dodge rules, but not in the same class
    GM: probably tight leg room like a 4-door Blazer
    Ford: a little better than GM
    Toy: Like the Nissan, tight and upright

    Cargo: See Toy's extra 6 inches above.
    GM, Ford and Nissan may have deeper boxes though.
    I'll take length over depth any day.

    See you cruising the dealerships next fall when they are all available.
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    poseidonposeidon Member Posts: 30
    I'd bet your predictions are probably right on. But, I sure hope the bit about the yuppies and the inflated prices isn't. As far as the turbo, I posted similar queries elsewhere and have been duly corrected on my terminology (turbo vs. supercharger). Thanks on that, too. Anybody else know much about or have personal experience with these elusive, yet seemingly enticing bits of technology?
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    lmeyer1lmeyer1 Member Posts: 215
    Does anyone know whether the Double Cab will be built on the same frame as the Xtra Cab?
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    diverdriverdiverdriver Member Posts: 3
    Toyota is taking the extra 14 inches off the existing 75 inch bed and putting it into the xtracab space to combine into the double door space.
    FOr the above posts regarding the bed size. The toyota bed size is 13 inches longer than the competitors, not 6 as mentioned above. Nissan, Ford, Chevy are all 48 inch beds. Toyo is 61 inches.
    For the big dogs, Dodge is 63 inches, Ford F150 is 66 inches, Chevy Avalanche (1500) is 66 inches.
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    tester2tester2 Member Posts: 12
    I hate to be dumb but what is are the suicide seats referred to in the earlier posts in this forum? Are those the side facing seats like the ranger? I hope the new tacoma does not have these, that would be a mistake. Otherwise it sounds like what I'm looking for. Does anyone have the overall length and width? (Trying to line up a fit into the garage.)
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    diverdriverdiverdriver Member Posts: 3
    Go to the Chicago Auto Show site or the Toyota site and look at the pictures. The Toyota future vehicles page has a couple pictures of the double door as well as the new Sequoia.
    The suicide doors are limited to the Tundra.
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    jmurman42jmurman42 Member Posts: 675
    I just came form our TVO meeting...here in the Central Atlantic Division, we will have the new 4 door in September. They will be built in August. Also...V6's will be in short supply, starting now.

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    lmeyer1lmeyer1 Member Posts: 215
    Do you know whether it will be available with a 5-speed? I heard not.
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    ckski1ckski1 Member Posts: 20
    What will be the going price? Will there be enough built (new tacoma) so we can get a respectable supply:demand ratio unlike the Tundra. I won't pay gouged prices.
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    devil1devil1 Member Posts: 74
    If ANYONE has ANY information on the new Tacoma 4 Door please E-mail me. I am trying to decide between this and the Tundra and the Tacoma may win due to backseat room and Tundra problems.

    I saw the pictures of it and I think I like it although the grill may look a little funny (or maybe it's just different than what I'm used to).

    (E-mail is truckswars@aol.com)

    Or visit my website at www.soar.to/trucks

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    devil1devil1 Member Posts: 74
    I contacted Toyota about the Double Cab and they wouldn't give me any spec's. Anyone know about pricing info on the new double cab?? They are pricey already (Tacoma's), I hope they don't go nuts.
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    lmeyer1lmeyer1 Member Posts: 215
    Found this:

    Wheelbase- 121.9
    Length- 203.0
    Width- 70.3
    Height- 68.7

    The only number that differs signficantly from the Xtra Cab is the width, which is up by about four inches. I wonder if that is all in the body or if there is a different frame.

    Also got this on the bed:

    Length- 61.4
    Width- 57.9
    Height- 15.9

    Didn't compare these to the Xtra Cab.
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    shu13shu13 Member Posts: 2
    ....The also will make the Xtra cab as an Accesscab like the Tundra. I think the quad cab is too big and the xtra cab is too inflexible. I really like the Tacoma, but I don't want to drive a behemoth. Maybe I'll be getting a Ford with access doors instead. We'll have to wait and see.

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    texaszachtexaszach Member Posts: 119
    Saw it at the show last night and I am very impressed. I am hoping that when the truck is released to the dealers that this V-6 shortage is cleared up and that 5 speeds are readily available. In my opinion, this is the best looking compact, 4 door pickup out there.
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    meredithmeredith Member Posts: 575
    The PICKUPS Conference has gotten WAY too big....

    it is unwieldy to manage, and difficult to use for "newbies." There is entirely TOO much topic duplication, so I will be doing some SERIOUS topic consolidation in the next few weeks, getting us down to not more than 2-3 topics per vehicle type, and ultimately down to 200 topics or less.

    THIS weeks consolidation candidates are: Tundra's, Tacoma's and Rangers.

    In that vein,please consolidate this Tacoma topic to Are You Happy with Tacoma - II and continue these discussions there.


    Front Porch Philosopher
    SUV, Pickups, & Aftermarket and Accessories Host
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    john111john111 Member Posts: 17
    On 7/2l/99 I traded for my first Toyota Tundra
    SR 5 Quad door w/remote security system, leather
    interior and the works so to speak. I traded in a
    '91 Dodge club cab loaded and it was a cream puff.
    I was so anxious for a new Tundra, even though I
    wanted a 4WD, I didn't want to wait the two months
    to get one. I paid the full price, which I know
    was a mistake, but under the circumstances I went
    ahead. Another mistake I made was buying from a
    dealer so far away. On the way home right after
    leaving, we heard a noise in the left rear section
    as if you had run over something in the road. We
    would always check it out.- nothing! Then on other occasions as we were driving on, the 'door
    ajar' light would light up, then a short time later we would hear another loud click, and both doors would unlock. We could not lock them back manually, as they would immediately unlock again.
    So many times when we would lock the doors with the remote, the horn would start blowing, lights blinking, and on occassion, several people would be staring to see what the problems were. We learned, that we could stop on side of road, and
    slam doors until the 'door ajar' light would go out. Some of the time when you resumed the trip, this same ordeal would happen again. I took it to a nearby Toyota dealer four times. No luck! Each
    time my wife would have to come in our car inorder
    for us to have transportation while they worked on
    out pickup. Once they kept it 5 days over the Thanksgiving holidays. They supposedly had no rental cars or loaners. Very inconvienient. The doors were so out of adjustment, they were hard to close, and the wind noise was so terrible it distorted the radio, and it was no pleasure to listen too. Still problems with the noise like you had run over an object in the road and the light, and doors unlocking. On our fifth try, my wife and
    I took this pickup back to the purchasing dealer, and they supposedly had the part to fix it with.
    They didn't, and took a part off one on the lot.
    This helped the problem some, but occasionaly the light still comes on and you have to stop and slam doors until the 'door ajar'light goes out. The
    remote sucurity system is still a no no. We took a
    short trip, about 800 miles in this pickup, and it was a nightmare from all the wind noise, and also
    vibration at around 60 mph. My wife and I were so proud of this vehicle, but all these return trips to dealers trying to get the problems fixed are very expensive. Overall the 4 trips to the nearby dealer 40 miles away two vehicles, two people @ 8 trips easily count up to about $800 and the one to the dealer 200 miles away two nights was around
    $500. This is our first Toyota, and our 54th vehicle. We bought this vehicle because we thought we were getting away from these sort of hassels. I am very disappointed in the service we have gotten. We were elated at the 4 door, but frankly the way these 'suicide' doors open, a lot of the times they cannot be opened if another car comes and parks beside. I wish Toyota would make other arrangements to open them similar to the front doors. Under the present arrangement, it is next to impossible to keep the wind and road noise down. Has anyone had any problems similar to these, and how were they resolved? We are desperate!
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