Massive bouncing down the highway...what the heck happened?

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I was driving down the interstate at about 70 MPH and hit some area in the road where they groved it and actually took out the top layer of asphalt.

The truck frontend sounded like a dang nasketball being bounced a zillion times a minute. I thought I had a flat. I slowed down to get over on the shoulder, And as sudden as it started it stopped.

I got out and looked at the wheels etc... but nothing looked bad. I didn't have anymore problems after that. The tires are worn out(51k).

Could the tire(L front) have bounced and got into some kind of rythem and just kept going??????

Any ideas????



  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    >Could the tire(L front) have bounced and got into some kind of rythem and just kept going??????

    Shocks worn?
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    Worn shocks??? I don't think so, The truck(2000 f250 CC) has only 51k miles total. It might, but iI hope/think they are still good.

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    OEM shocks arent the best
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    If the shocks are bad, what are decent shocks to get. The truck is 90% drive to work on pavement.


  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841

    and see what fits your truck as you didnt state whether its 2 or 4wd. KYB's are good and so are Bilsteins HD.

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    51,000 mile on a CC truck, yes the shocks are shot remember they are only factory original quality, hence not the best by any means. After you change to quality shocks you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. I run a snowplow on every truck I've owned & factory shocks don't last over 1 year even though they are the heavy duty OEM type.
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    We have a piece of highway that does that. The PSD handles it pretty well. Not sure what they did paving that piece. It's maybe 1/4 mile long and it makes any rig I've ever taken over it bounce.

    I'd agree with Quad and Oby though. Check those shocks. I'll bet a new set is in order. This lousy piece of highway is just a weird chunk of road.
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    Thanx guys,
    the truck is 2wd. I will look into new shocks pronto. I suppose I should go front & rear, or does the front usually go out first?

    thanx for the advice,

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    You may have picked up a piece of soft asphalt in your tread. After a while the tire threw it off. I had an old couple come in with a bad shake over 40 on their Town Car, Raised it up on the hoist, and scaped off about a pound of paving material. If it doesn't do it again, stop worrying.

    It could have been the road and tires struck a resonant frequency, but tar on the tire is more likely.

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    With my '89 CC F350, I found the best performance was with the OEM shocks. Motorcraft brand, orded them at Checker.

    50,000 miles is replacement time. But undoubtedly, you hit a "harmonic" point with that particular road surface........
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    Had a case here this spring in minnesota when cars and trucks were doing the same things cuz the stuff they used to fill in the cracks on the hiway was sticking to the tires. another possiblity to look in to
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