2013 Honda Accord vs. 2012 Toyota Camry Comparison Test

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image2013 Honda Accord vs. 2012 Toyota Camry Comparison Test

Inside Line's 2013 Honda Accord vs. 2012 Toyota Camry Comparison Test pits a redesigned 2013 Accord EX sedan against the new-for-2012 Camry LE sedan.

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  • solo67_solo67_ Member Posts: 1
    Just drove an EX-L Accord yesterday. I was amazed at the total package and likely will buy an Accord. But - I think the dash design is dreadful. It reminded me of a Buick - too many shiny surfaces to attract attention on a bright sunny day. It's just too busy and too much "bling". The speedometer, tach and other center gauges have a peculiar design and the important info just doesn't jump out at you. The Altima and Subaru Legacy are far better designs. But, there's no doubt that the Accord is the more refined driver and the engine noise is far less than in the Altima and Legacy.
  • robocop1268robocop1268 Member Posts: 2
    Of course the Honda is better...when Toyota changed the Camry they added some soft touch and reconfigured the dash but still left in all sorts of cheap plastic...and the soft touch doesn't feel nearly as premium as the Honda. The dash and standard materials in the Honda, plus the better look make it an easy pick...plus even with the CVT Honda still has the best 4 cylinder engines in the market. The Sport is the model for $25k people though. At just under it's got a power driver's seat, blind spot mirrors, push button start, backup camera, the sport cloth bucket seats, fog lights, nicer 18" wheels, dual chrome exhaust, bluetooth, and more....the Camry is being sold as "another product from Toyota!!!!", the Accord is selling as a damn fine car
  • robocop1268robocop1268 Member Posts: 2
    Honestly it's down to the $24,900 Accord Sport and the $25,400 Fusion SE Turbo....the Accord is still a little faster and has the backup camera but the new Fusion is a fantastic driving car and has the Accord beat in looks, especially since Honda didnt do all that much to really change it.
  • hillgirlhillgirl Member Posts: 0
    Is Toyota doing anything to improve their failed small offset crash tests? If so, when will the improved 2013 Camry Hybrid be available?
  • drjjjjdrjjjj Member Posts: 25
    The Honda is the better looking car, but the CVT and DI in the Honda are a mistake-read forums. My guess is the manufacturers will pay dearly for embracing these technologies in the long run and they aren't getting the MPG margin for the gamble! The Camry is the traditional config and it will prove to be the better choice. Now the Prius is a planetary gear driven CVT-different story, has proved to be robust! Honda and others are belt driven trannys!
  • packer3packer3 Member Posts: 277
    There is no comparison between the both the Accord blows the Camry away don't care what the sales numbers are because people are swayed by others because we are still on nothing goes wrong with a Toyota vs the old American cars that just broke down all the time where they are partially correct. Really take a good look at the Toyota it by far bland and I am not defending these cars I'm going on driving them both and the Accord by a fender put's it away.
  • drjjjjdrjjjj Member Posts: 25
    Nice car, good looking but no CVT or DI for me-problematic, read forums! Camry gets the MPGs without the DI, carbon buildup problems /noise and their Camry tranny is Johhny on the spot/state of the art vs a sealed unit with a belt! Thanks, Picky Engineer CRV is excellent and converntional
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