Frontier competion coming soon ?? or NOT ??

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someone know anything about this. seems like Toy hasnt changed the tacoma since 99 when the 3.4L came out - now its almost 03 and it will have been 2 yrs since Nissan did the longbed option .. I like Toyota, but isnt it time for a change in 03. Ive heard lots of info of the 4runner changing around in Sept - even fromt he car show people in town --- but no one says anything about Tacoma - they're based on the same chassis.. so, do you think they're keeping this a mystery ? I need a long bed/compact truck w/4drs... it seems like a nice combo - sure be nice to have the redesigned truck soon .... OOOOHHHh please Toyota.
I dont want to buy a Fronteir.... on the inside they are nice - from the outside they look like plastic recycle bins. ! ahhh.


  • frey44frey44 Member Posts: 230
    Buy a Tundra...

  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    "I need a long bed/compact truck w/4drs... "

    I didn't know the Tundra came with a longbed. Does it?
  • eric2001eric2001 Member Posts: 482
    Of a long bed. The crew-cab long bed is 74.6" or roughly the same length as a normal (or king) cab short bed.

    For a crew-cab smaller truck, it is the longest available bed.
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    Has actually been around since 1995 1/2...

    You might be thinking of the Toyota Double Cab which came around in 2001... It still has the same 190 horse 3.4 V6...
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