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What Motivates Car Shoppers to Write 5-Star Reviews? Posts: 9,975
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imageWhat Motivates Car Shoppers to Write 5-Star Reviews?

Here are some of the findings from our analysis to illuminate what qualities and experiences motivate consumers to write a 5-star review.

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  • HEllo
  • The New 2014 Mazda 6 is an awesome car to buy. I think it is the best mid-size sedan on the market import or domestic. Great handling, best in gas mileage, styling is sleek and the egornomics of the interior is pretty decent. It is a very much fun to drive car. The only things I think Mazda did not think of was the lighted power window switches for all doors which I hope they will introduce on their 2015 model and to include seat and door mirror memory together and perhaps offer automatic foldible mirrors and front bumper sensor. The car is not only affordable in its class but the best option for option. The best technology package on the market. I got the iGrand Touring with everything and drove 2.5 hrs to get the color and options we want it in September 2013. Thumps up all the way.
  • r3dnckgrlr3dnckgrl Posts: 1
    Joel Montijo and Mazda City of Orange Park was terrific! Joel is FRIENDLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE, AND ORGANIZED and I've NEVER experienced that kind of service whenever buying a car! He had my paperwork done and all I had to do was sign. That's why I rate Joel and Mazda City a 5!
  • I wanted to Write a Review for the Exceptional Service experienced while shopping for my New Car at Mazda City. I was assisted by Joel Montijo. To say I was Impressed is an understatement. Joel was Kind, Patient and most of all, Extremely Knowledgeable of all the Mazda Vehicles! I initially was Shopping for a Mazda SUV, but decided it might not be the best fit for me after seeing it. I asked Joel to tell me about the Mazda 6 Grand Touring. Without Fail, he did by pointing out every feature he knew was important to me. How did he know what was important to me? He knew because he asked! I sincerely appreciated that he cared about what was important to me and wasn't just trying to sell me something. This had unfortunately, been my experience during visits to other Dealerships along with being dismissed as not being a Serious Buyer. I was a Very Serious Well Qualified Buyer the day I walked into Mazda City and this was Joel's gain. Joel's Passion for the Work he is doing and his Professionalism was obvious from the time we shook hands. I purchased that same day and came back the next to pick-up my new vehicle. That day was Amazing!!! Joel moved my Car into the Showroom for Pick-up. After finalizing my paperwork, we returned to the Showroom where he unveiled my Brand New Baby all Wrapped with a Bow!!! I Highly Recommend Joel Montijo at Mazda City, Tom Bush Family of Dealerships! Thanks again, Joel!!!
  • Victor Thompson at Mazda city of orange park was helpful with lot's of car knowledge. He has answered all of my questions. I am a satisfied customer for life.. I want to highly recommend my family members and all my friends to come see victor Thompson. He is Smart and Nice and Courteous and trust me, ask for Victor Thompson you will be pleased.
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