Jeep Grand Cherokee 60K service questions

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I'm quickly rolling up on 60,000 miles on my (new/used) 2000 JGC Laredo 4X4 and local Jeep dealerships are licking their chops...($500+ and $610+ for nearby dealerships)I'm not a mechanic, but I think I can reduce my cost by taking care of a couple of things myself. I don't know if the 30K service was performed on this vehicle or not.

I think I'll have the dealership service handle;
1)Transmission service (flush & fill) - $100
2)Differentials/transfer case - $60 each (x3)
3)Coolant flush and fill - $40
4)Oil Change - $22
Total $342 Is that about what you've paid for these services?

Rather than spend $90 on a tune-up, I'm going to change the spark plugs myself. I can also inspect brakes/rotors since I can change pads myself. And the air filter should be easy enough to replace.

Is the PCV valve easy to replace? Dealership wants to charge $20-$25 for that one.

The alignment seems fine, don't need tire rotation yet, and everything else works perfectly.

Is there anything else I'm missing here?



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    Looks like you're mostly doing fluid changes (a good thing). Why not have a local independent shop do this for you? The prices don't seem out of line but you may want to shop around.

    If it were me I'd have the fuel injectors cleaned and replace the fuel filter. Probably replace the O2 sensor too.

    Have a good local shop check the alignment and do a rotate & balance.

    Finally, spend $100 or so and have her detailed inside and out (unless you do this yourself) and she'll drive, look, and smell new.
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    If you change the plugs you should change the wires also. I would also change the fuel filter.
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    oil change - 19.95
    transmission service - 139.62
    tire rotation - 12.95
    cooling system service - 49.95
    differentials and transfer case - 187.24 (Sept 01)

    This was at my local Jeep dealer. Hope this helps. Your prices seem reasonable to me.
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    ..ask this at the JGC or the JCG Problems discussion over on the SUV Board? I'm sure that someone there would be glad to answer your question.
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    and it ran as follows:
    Oil Change 24.00
    Transmission 80.00
    Differential/Transfer 180.00
    Cooling System Service 50.00

    This was done at Carmax and was very professional...
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    It may be JGC specific, but it certainly doesn't belong in the JGC Problems topic.
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    After I have the transmission rebuilt, with 62000 miles, what can I do to maintain the vehicle so it will stay in tip top shape?Will the motor last longer than the transmission, and would you keep the vehicle? .I also just had new brakes installed.Is it time for new spark plugs too?What about changing the engine coolant? Thank You.
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    I take my '97 JGC to Valvoline for my basic service needs. They follow recommended service notices by the manufactures. They are professional and respect your vehicle. I have been taking all my cars, my wifes cars and my in-laws cars there for the past 7-years.

    The nice thing is, if you go every 8-weeks like I do, you don't have to spend all that money at once. You can do some things a little early. Do others at recommend time and some of the less necessary things at the next trip.

    Their pricing is really good also.
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