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2014 Acura MDX AWD Long-Term Road Test

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image2014 Acura MDX AWD Long-Term Road Test

An overview of the center storage compartment in the 2014 Acura MDX

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    legacygtlegacygt Member Posts: 599
    Pretty good stuff. They know that the U in CUV stands for Utility and they're making that center console so useful for so many different things. They must have borrowed some CR-V designers for a couple of days. I have one gripe and it's the same one I have with virtually every car that has power/audio/USB ports in the center storage compartment. Putting all these ports at the bottom of the compartment looks just fine when you're drawing it up in your CAD software or when you pick the car up at the dealer. But as soon as you start filling that compartment up with your crap (as people who own these vehicles will likely do) you have to struggle to get access to the ports. Also, the crap crammed into the compartment can damage the connectors by putting pressure on them from the top and sides. I'd like these connectors to either be moved further up in the compartment or in a separate compartment or sub-section where they are better protected and easier to access.
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    hybrishybris Member Posts: 365
    Sounds like its big enough for a AK style pistol and more than a few mags. Very useful if you travel in less than pleasant areas or in L.A Traffic.
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