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2016 Jeep Wrangler To Get Diesel Engine

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image2016 Jeep Wrangler To Get Diesel Engine

A diesel engine will be available in the 2016 Jeep Wrangler.

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    darthbimmerdarthbimmer Member Posts: 606
    Huh? Why tease us with an option that's 24+ months from market in THIS vehicle when it's available in related production cars today?

    Also, if Jeep prices it the same way as on the JGC, what's going to justify spending an extra $4,500 for a diesel Wrangler? On the JGC the purchase cost vs. fuel cost makes economic sense relative to the V8 but not the V6. On the Wrangler there's only a V6, so the diesel has to justify its cost entirely on the value of gobs of low end torque. And the V6 isn't lacking there, especially if within 2 years it gets that 8 speed transmission, too.
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    apexisapexis Member Posts: 1
    Really? I've been waiting years to get the 700 + miles in a wrangler unlimited with the durability of a diesel. Plus once the after market gets a hold of it kiss that addblu crap goodbye snorkel exhaust anyone?. Also would it be justified not running out of gas in the Rocky's or Alps? I'm sure you can run used cooking oil with you GAS wrangler as well! Personally I wish they would have brought the 3.0 diesel in sooner and judging by current pricing I'd say around 40 k for it which is great ! and it should tow perfectly for the Australian UEV-490!!!!
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    pwhysallpwhysall Member Posts: 1
    I am soooo looking forward to this! Yeahy Jeep! I left you for mini cooper because I couldn't stand the gas mileage. I need your 4 wheel drive for the winter. I will stand in line for this!
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    solaboy7solaboy7 Member Posts: 1
    Its about time. Jeep Diesel going to Europe for a while. That TDI Turbo in the Audi would rock
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    rodknocker1rodknocker1 Member Posts: 1
    Just the facts this is the same Italian company who built the junk 2.8 that came in the liberty for a couple of years most all of them are gone now or have been swapped for the 3.7 look it up what a crappie motor it was no one could fix them not even the dealers the parts to do a timing belt replacement were over $700.00 not counting labor now just 10 years later no one will touch one our local dealer has to send them 200 miles away to have a valve spring replaced at the cost of $4000.00 what a joke how quickly people forget .when they were running they were great but if it broke you were sol better get a large line of credit when that warranty runs out Chrysler also bought back hundreds of them under warranty because they couldn't fix them pretty bad when they list a 3.7 adapter kit in the parts book .
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