Quality of F250 built in Mexico

lcunningham1lcunningham1 Member Posts: 1
Does anyone know whether the F 250 Super Duties that are built in Mexico are of the same quality as those built in USA which I think is in Kentucky?


  • pallypally Member Posts: 17
    As far as i know, no 250's are built in Mexico.
    I thought there were only 2 plants for the Super Duty. I think Louisville and ?????????
  • urkillingmeurkillingme Member Posts: 22
    VIN's starting with 3F are manufactured in Mexico. I was a little dismayed at finding out mine was made in Mexico but so far no complaints.
  • mullins87mullins87 Member Posts: 959
    I am not for sure, but for some reason Kansas City comes to mind. Mine came from Louisville, so far zero complaints.
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