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2013 Scion FR-S Long Term Road Test Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 10,315
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image2013 Scion FR-S Long Term Road Test

Read daily updates on our long-term road test of the 2013 Scion FR-S and follow along as our editors live with this car for a year.

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  • desoto_finsdesoto_fins Member Posts: 6
    Complete bullcrap, these two cars come off the same assembly line using exactly the same components and fluids. They do have some suspension calibration differentiation, apart from that any difference would be exceedingly slight.
  • bassracerxbassracerx Member Posts: 188
    the shifter itself is not really what i look for in a manual transmission because usually i can muscle it into gear failry easy. the clutch is one thing i am picky about because i want to be able to feel with my foot where it engages. the shifter in my honda is GREAT but the clutch engages all rubbery and even though i have been driving it a while it is allways a guessing game unless i dog it. as soon as i get the money that clutch has to go!
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