2002 Tahoe Z71 Maintenance

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I just got a Z71 and it has 150 miles on it. When I start it up you can really hear the engine noise (blub, blub, blub) through the tail pipe. It sounds like a race engine while idling. I even had my friends ask what the noise was.

Is this normal? It doesn't make any thumping, clicking, etc. It is just loud gurgling. I do love the vehicle though.

Also I have been breaking in the vehicle according to the manual. Trying to vary speeds and not go over 55 MPH. I did run it at 65 for about 4 miles. I don't think that will hinder break in right?

When should I change oil the first time? I'm getting ready to take a trip from Texas to Alaska and will not have very many miles on it before.


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    I've heard the same noise - do you have the 5.3 or 6.0? Both make a weird exhaust noise, it's normal - if you have the 5.3, look out for a tapping noise - GM has a TSB on this and it addresses problems with the rod and crank bearings - if you hear it, get it to the dealer ASAP and don't let up until the outlined repair is made.

    Change your oil at 3,000 or 5,000 whichever you prefer. I'm still old school on break-in and I believe it's a good idea to change the oil (the first time) at 1,000 - 1,500 miles. The manufacturer's recommended intervals are the maximums they will allow and still perform warranty work on your engine - the intervals are not the best for life long operation. While in Alaska (or San Angelo, for that matter) do the heavy-use maintenance schedule.

    Watch out for scams at 15,000 and 30,000 maintenance - you don't need an "engine flush" - that's something the manufacturer does not recommend and those chemicals cannot be removed entirely - they remain in your crankcase, continually breaking down oil on your bearing surfaces - those flush services are also a great way to get a warranty repair declined - the manufacturers don't like "foreign substances".

    Be safe - no wheelies!!
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    How do I find these TSBs. Are they online?
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    go to NHTSA.gov, table of contents, service bulletins, and it will send you to another site directory (they changed locations) - click on the site in the middle of that page, then you go into the vehicle selection screen. I find it easier to disregard specific component inputs - let them all fly.

    On your new Tahoe, make sure you look at TSBs back to '99 forward since most of those apply to 2000, 2001 and 2002 models.
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    I didn't have any factory undercoat on my new vehicle, but I read that there is a warantee metal rust through for 7 years or so. I'm going to a snow and ice environment. Should I get undercoat put on there or leave it alone?
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    "body panel perforation" and yu will get rust on your undercarraige. The best bet is if there is no more than a little surface rust, clean the undercarraige really well and apply an undercoat. If you don't mind a little work, you can do this for less than $20 (4 or 5 spray cans at $3 - 5 ea). Most places charge well over $100 for the service.

    I think undercoating, when applied correctly is very valuable, saves from rust, quiets the interior and improves the looks of a vehicle. Applying undercoating incorrectly is spraying over existing rust and unclean surfaces, allowing the rust, dirt and moisture to get trapped, providing the perfect environment for rust to increase.
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    void the warranty like some people say?
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    is if you harm sensors or electrical connections. I can't see any other way to void the warranty - what have you heard?
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    I just bought a '02 LT w/ 5.3L & 500mi on it and it has exactly the same exaust noise as Mustangon described. So based on this, sounds like nothing for us to worry about. Thanks Zeuslewis for the
    alert on engine tapping noise, I will keep my eyes
    out for this.
    By the way folks, what do you think of using full synthetic oil? Will that be better on the engine and what other factors do I have to consider ? Do I have to use special oil filter?
    Thanks and happy cruising!
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    you won't need a different filter. Just make sure you don't use a cheapo filter without the anti-drainback valve.
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