Ford "Baby Powerstroke" 4.5 Liter Diesel

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I have heard that Ford is designing a "Baby Powerstroke" to put in the F-150 truck. Does anyone know when this will be available?


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    Here's a link to an article about it.


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    The new Powerstroke will be 6.0 liters, NOT 4.5.
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    But I think a small diesel for 1/2 ton and midsize trucks is an excellent idea.
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    The 4.5 is already designed. It was part of the same program as the new 6.0L. It was planned for the F150, Explorer and possibly the Explorer Sport Trac. It is unfortunately delayed or possibly not even offered at all while Ford determines the possible market for light duty diesel vehicles. Uncertain enviromental regulations have hurt the chances for this vehicles also (Boo to California). As a sidenote Ford has been testing and contemplating offering the TDCi diesel in the Ford Focus. Not a truck but it is a great diesel motor.
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    Ford is downsizing the Powerstroke to 6.0L, but they also have a 4.5L V-6 "Baby Powerstroke" that is planned for the 1/2 ton market.
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    Hopefully they will release that new baby bad boy. A half ton with a small diesel should do well on todays market. No doubt it'd be a hoot to drive.

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    Can you imagine driving a 1/2 ton pickup getting 30mpg? People seem to have the idea that if it is a diesel, it has to be noisy, smelly and slow. If they could go beyond that, give these things a try and discover just how truly wonderful a modern diesel engine is, and get 30% better fuel mileage to boot, the manufacturers wouldn't be able to keep up.

    I think GM was on the right track with the diesel cars of the late 70's and early 80's. Problem is, in true GM form, they didn't outsource their engine. My parents had a 1980 Delta 88 with the diesel. I thought it was great, but it didn't want to pull hills very well and the injectors were always giving us problems. Trips were another story. You get that thing out on the interstate and let it roll, 35+mpg! And that was when the average family car didn't get 20mpg. I remember going to Florida in other cars, we would have to stop at least twice from Kentucky before we hit the Florida state line, with that diesel 88, we didn't stop until AFTER we crossed the line. Really taught me the meaning of the question, "Do you need to go before we leave?"
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    Hope Ford takes a look at the BMW turbodiesels. From the first venture into the US market in mid 80s (524TD), their electronic control of the injection timing resulted in a quiet and efficient (little exhaust smell too) engine. Idle requires a different timing than full load. When the control module is removed, it reverts to the "average" setting and sounds like all the rest requiring talking louder to be heard.

    Must be a marketing thing by US manufacturers to have them continue sounding loud and macho.

    Wouldn't it be neat to hear the exhaust note instead of the clatter?
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    "Must be a marketing thing by US manufacturers to have them continue sounding loud and macho."

    I'll confess, I prefer a little noise. A little, not a lot. Actually a lot of work has been done in recent years removing some of the noise. My '01 PSD is pretty quiet, understand the '02 is quieter still. It will not smoke either, I've tried, and tried. Stockers won't smoke, you have to reprogram them.

    The new 4.5 and 6.0 liter engines should be very interesting. Guess they'll be quieter still and more economical to boot. Diesel power in the US is it's infancy as compared to European. US manufactures could take a lesson. Just imagine the performance and mileage.

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    I had the camper behind the truck this weekend, tried my best to get it to leave a trail of black smoke. 3rd gear up a long hill, WOT @ 2,500rpm - no smoke.
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    Was the memo dated 1999 or was I seeing something else? I think it would be a huge success if they decide to use it!
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