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Although I'm very happy with my Elantra GLS, I'd kind of like to see the Hyundai Click introduced in America. (Not that it probably will be given the history of small cars with upscale doodads in this market.)

This will give you a glimpse at it. If you have high speed access, you can click (no pun intended) to get some clips showing different features.


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    I love small 4-door Hatchbacks ... sorta looks like a VW Golf from the side ... cool! It's only a matter of time before these (types of) cars come to North America ... wait'll gas inevitably gets more expensive ...
  • csandstecsandste Member Posts: 1,866
    Accent or Elantra. I hope Hyundai brings it over, but I doubt if it'll happen. Europe is full of cars that look like this.
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    This is just the sort of car I need. It looks more substantial than the US Accent (which sadly lacks a 5-door version). With Hyundai's ever-improving reliability and looks, I'd buy this one. But then, there are quite a few compact eurocars that I would buy if they were offered here.
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    As any car manufacture has learned, Americans are unwilling to spend there money on small cars (like the click). The fuel crunches we've had don't last long, and people quickly replace their little cars with big (much bigger in some cases) cars and trucks. Europe has lots of little cars like that, and it's a shame we don't. Europeans have them out of neccesity, because of fuel costs and space.
    I had a metro and festiva... great little cars, but next to a Ford Expedition I'm nothing! Drivers of those vehicles (most who never drove a 5-6 thousand pound truck) drive as if they don't care about anything else on the road. (Oddly most drivers here drive that way, regardless of their vehicle or it's condition.)
    When Gas spikes over $2 a gallon and climbs higher you'll see the same thing that happened in the 70's and early sixties. People will buy little cars again, but move back into land yachts.
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    like we're seeing a big comeback of small affordable hatches hitting the market now. Check out the Hot Hatch discussion on this board. Not to mention, there's also talk of the Smart and the Mercedes A-Class hitting these (USA) shores.

    Priced right, which Hyundai has been pretty good at doing, I think the Click would have a good chance here... given the current trend. My 2 cents. ;-)

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    We could use a greater variety of smaller cars here in Canada and I for one am glad they are making a comeback! Gas isn't cheap up here north of the 49th ... where I live it's currently selling for 77.8 cents Cdn. (50.3 cents US) per litre ... that translates to the equivalent of $1.90 US per US gallon. Sure gas in the States is much less expensive, but do you think it'll always be that way? And besides wouldn't you like to wean yourselves off of the Middle Eastern Oil [non-permissible content removed]? North America can and should become oil self sufficient ... one way to help achieve this would for North Americans to change their driving habits and turn to more fuel efficient vehicles. The "bigger is better" trend in automobiles has wasted a lot of our continents precious resources.
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    Is it really possible for North America to be oil self sufficient? I'm not asking sarcastically, I just didn't believe it was possible.

    However, I would be in favor of a huge gas guzzler tax for cars under 20mpg.
  • perry40perry40 Member Posts: 94
    Yes, as far as I know, it is possible for North Am to become oil self-sufficient ... huge reserves are currently being developed off the East Coast of Canada and as well in Alaska ... as well, there are still huge reserves in currently producing wells all over North Am and in the Alberta Tar Sands. The American government is actively pursuing the goal of accelerated development of this continents energy reserves. That being said however, our driving habits and or preferrance for "large" vehicles may have to change.
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Member Posts: 865
    well, that would be great. Unfortunately, I can only imagine the outrage when the cruel united states stopped funding middle eastern totalitarian governments. Whoops...better not get into that here.

    If it wouldn't be so terrible for American car companies, I would say just tax the heck out of big car buyers, but I suppose that the government would probably do that if it weren't for automotive interests.
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    this is would probably suit the why i dont like suv board, but i think they should tax them and maybe create separate lanes for big vehicles with the money. i live in michigan and dread driving to work everyday and suffer from road rage because i do not feel safe driving with all these big vehicles on the road. they drive like maniacs and block my view so i cant see whats ahead. i hate suv and big trucks with a passion
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