from 97 to 99 whats the best 4x4? I'm looking at a Z-71 but when was the 1st 3rd door?

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i'm wondering when the first Z-71 was made with a 3rd door. Also if a truck has the Z-71 package, does that mean it has 4 wheel drive or just the package. I like the way the Chevy sits up with the package but if doesn't have 4 wheel drive than maybe I should look at something else with a 3rd door that HAS 4x4. I'm looking for 97-99 because the new ones just cost too much! Can somebody give me an answer?


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    Z71 = 4wd

    As for the yr the 3rd door came out (*correct me if i am wrong) but i believe it was 1997 or 1998)
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    1st year made 1997
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    You will get an opinion from everyone on that, wrong place to ask... 1996 was the first year for the GM twins to get the 3rd door, and it was an option.

    If you like the third door, would a fourth be even better? If so then Ford or Dodge is your ownly choices, GM didn't offer it until 2000.

    Other points of interest: do you plan on off-roading the vehicle? Do you wish to modify the suspension down the road (raise or lower the truck)? If either of these are yes, more people prefer a solid front axle over independent front suspension, which takes GM out of the picture, again. For any front suspension modifications, a solid front axle is easier to do, and much less $$$.

    What are your personal preference? Test drive a couple different models by each manufacturer, and find what you like and fits your needs.

    Sorry if this wasn't the answer you were looking for, but I am sure everyone out there can give you a horror story as to what brand is the best or the worst.

    Trying not to be biased
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    You are right 1996. ME BAD ! I have a
    96 brouchure and checking thru it shows
    3rd door avail................Geo
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    I think it's gonna be which has the least unwanted "features".
    I have a '98 ext.Cab Z71 with 5.7 and short bed. I do have the third door which I like. It would be nice to be able to stick things into the back seat area, but if its bigger than I can heft over the seat (tipped forward), I grouse a little and go around and use the third door.
    I shopped for a Ford but liked the lower rev and quieter ride of the older technology chev that I bought. I was surprised to have chosen the chevy. Dodge automatic was not an option. ;-)
    '99 on Chev is a different animal in the half-ton size with a different set of frequent "features". Read prior posts in other discussions.
    Bottom line. YOU have to be happy and do your best to ensure the common problems that may be present in many of the model you choose are missing in "the one".
    Good luck.
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    so what was the 1st year ford and dodge offered a 3rd door? i dont plan to raise or lower the truck but i do plan to go off road some. my drive time to work/play is about 30 to 45 minutes so i dont think i'll have a problem there. like you, i really like the low rpm's of a chevy on the highway. I'm a deep in the blood chevy man BUT if ford or even dodge had something better to offer, well, my company car is a ford and i've never had a problem with it. does anyone know if the Z-71 has a governor or rpm limiter on it's top speed? i know there always around it but what can i say. momma should have made my middle name speedy. or maybe stupid as fast as i drive but thats another story........ of the ones we've discussed, straight factory, which is the quickest? anybody know?
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