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Toyota Matrix Dropped From Lineup for 2014

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imageToyota Matrix Dropped From Lineup for 2014

The Toyota Matrix has been dropped from Toyota's 2014 lineup due to poor sales.

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  • 85se85se Member Posts: 11
    That's too bad. They are very popular here in my part of Canada.
  • moonpatrol52moonpatrol52 Member Posts: 1
    the Matrix is way more versatile than the Corolla. I have loaded clothes-dryers and washers in the cargo area several times. It comes with the 160Hp Camry engine, and I have hauled 4 people with no drain on performance. The car does not corner with relaxed steering but is a stiff ride with no sway. I am not sure if engine (2.4L) repairs will be easy since it is a tight fit under the hood. Easy car to park. Not too big, not too small like a Yaris. Safe too if you consider that the 4-door has a vertical beam between the front and back seats in the event of side collision. Five-bolt wheels are same as Camry and Altima plus some others. Corolla only has four bolts I believe. Not worried that it is discontinued because the parts will still be available I hope.
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