2013 Ford Focus ST Long-Term Road Test

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image2013 Ford Focus ST Long-Term Road Test

We encountered another problem with the media interface on our 2013 Ford Focus ST.

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  • rjettrjett Member Posts: 24
    I'm starting to think My Ford Touch is running on Windows ME.
  • stovt001_stovt001_ Member Posts: 799
    Maybe you just can't see them through the fingerprints.

    I still haven't found a satisfactory explanation how touch screens, sub menus, and voice controls are easier to use than simple knobs and preset buttons for the radio and three knobs for the HVAC.
  • kiotaekiotae Member Posts: 0
    Change the audio source on the entertainment screen and then go back to your chosen audio source. This happens to me about once every two weeks and doing the above clears it right up.
  • sjw91_sjw91_ Member Posts: 19
    Totally agree with stovt001! Every time I get a Ford rental car, I have to pull out the manual to use the radio. And I have two engineering degrees.
  • wdrauchwdrauch Member Posts: 22
    Which version of MFT software is in this vehicle? I'm running the latest version in my Focus ST and have never seen this issue.
  • puzmanpuzman Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2012 Focus SE with Sync voice activated audio controls but w/o MyFord Touch. The system, in a word, blows. I use the voice control as much as possible, but the system occasionally decides to ignore me, forgets my phone, gets stuck on a track, etc. I blame Microsoft for producing yet another piece of crap, and Ford for not sourcing a better system. I see that Apple is going to produce a Siri-based system for a number of car manufacturers, but alas, Ford is wed to Microsoft.
  • eclogiteeclogite Member Posts: 48
    You guys have had more problems with Ford infotainment systems than any other, I think. And I'm glad, because without your woes, I might be foolish enough to buy a Ford product and then get stuck with the same problems, but without the means to give the car back or off-load it quickly.
  • jack245jack245 Member Posts: 1
    Anyone know if the ST has Hill start assist?
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