2015 Ford Mustang Goes on a Diet

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image2015 Ford Mustang Goes on a Diet

The redesigned 2015 Ford Mustang will be slightly smaller and several hundred pounds lighter when the car goes on sale next year, Edmunds has learned.

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  • joe_scubajoe_scuba Member Posts: 2
    The Mustang is already to small. needs a wider wheel base.
    It won't be much bigger than the focus, watch the Camaro take over as sales king in this category.
  • skw0123skw0123 Member Posts: 33
    How does 15 inches shorter translate to 'slightly smaller'? That, and especially the 6.5-inch reduction in width, translate to a dramatic downsizing. It will be narrower and shorter than a Honda Civic Coupe if these numbers are correct.
  • stovt001_stovt001_ Member Posts: 799
    A 3100 lb Mustang sounds impressive, but GM said the same thing when they were developing the Camaro, and look what we got. When the fans questioned it, they replied "Well it was lighter than it could have been". So I'm not counting on anything, but I'll be awfully impressed if they follow through on this. Originally the pony cars were smallish cars, at least by American standards, so tidying them up to compact dimensions wouldn't really be out of place at all.
  • quadricyclequadricycle Member Posts: 827
    There's no way that the Mustang will shrink that much. Realistically, the overhangs will probably be shortened, but width should remain static. As far as weight goes, I'll be happy if it doesn't gain any, and a reduction would be a bonus.
  • greenponygreenpony Chicago, ILMember Posts: 531
    In one of the first videos of the new Mustang, we saw it on the road with a grabber blue current-model Mustang. It's noticeably smaller in the video, although is it 10% smaller? Hard to say; there's too much camouflage. Still, if the "source"s comments are true, they may be bringing it more in line with the size of a Fox body or Mustang II. Should be interesting to see if Chrysler and GM follow suit.
  • lions208487lions208487 Member Posts: 240
    This reads to me like the wheel base, and length will be more inline with the current Genesis coupe. However, Edmunds has published inaccurate findings before, so I would take this publication with a grain of salt.

    Example, they recently published the 2014 300s with a 5.4 liter Hemi, when it's obviously a 5.7 liter. Just saying Edmunds is consistently making mistakes as of late.
  • johnbfontainejohnbfontaine Member Posts: 1
    "There is going to be less overhang" in the front, rear and on the sides of the Mustang, the source said.

    Meaning that the next Mustang is likely to look less sleek. What a shame. Especially since all the concept drawings looked extremely sleek.
  • johnbfontainejohnbfontaine Member Posts: 1
    "There is going to be less overhang" in the front, rear and on the sides of the Mustang, the source said.

    Meaning that the next Mustang is likely to look less sleek. What a shame. Especially since all the concept drawings looked extremely sleek.
  • carchatter1carchatter1 Member Posts: 6
    There's no way this size info is accurate. The Mustang cannot shrink that much in size. It would be 2 inches narrower than a Subaru BRZ! And six inches longer. Edmunds source is full of hot air. Oh well, hopefully they are correct on the weight reductions at least.
  • whitecometwhitecomet Member Posts: 4
    hmm i was thinking 200-250lbs if lucky. maybe they are refing to 400 with no new electronics such a rear camera added interior insulation etc. also to meet the new crash standard 1/2 offset will add another 50lbs it did for the accord and many other cars that were claiming a loss of 150 lbs and in the end are less than 100 dut to that alone. Lets break this down a little. The new vett gained 100 is now 3350 for the gain to be better than a plactic fantastic and thats using caron fiber a lighter stronger chasis but for it to be a nice car with decent seats etc it gained 100lbs ratating almost the same dimesnions. now the mustang it is a old chasis so some lbs can be saved there. lenght 15 inches i can see that hope the v8 is still accesable and the weight balance is still good. the wheelbase should not go under say 103.0 inches or it will ride like crap and be to snappy. now the thing that i dont get it width 68 inches is to narrow.

    I comparison a brz is 69.9 inches wide 101.2 wheel base and 166.7 lenght vs for the next mustang being rummer to be. 2762 lbs

    68.0 wide 2 less than brz wheel base we dont know but I am gonna say 103.0-102 is ok will be more alive length 173.5.
  • whitecometwhitecomet Member Posts: 4
    a v8 could hit 3250. i belive this the only spec is width they should not go below 70.0 it will make it feel more nible but not be to narrow.
  • ffamaffama Member Posts: 1
    The car needs to be wider! Also a hard-top instead of the cheap plastic top on the convertible----Time to at least match the very cheap Madza Mita. Upgrade the inside, looks very cheap. Get your joke of prices in order, Mr Ford. $5,000 on a $24,000 car should be the max for all options less the engine picks.

    Ford you have a major problem on option pricing---Fix-it or loss market share.
  • sleeper416sleeper416 Member Posts: 1
    The interior finish looks as cheap and flimsy and the previous Mustang. The exterior looks very good, however.
  • rob204rob204 Member Posts: 5
    How's this story working out? LOL Turns out, the Mustang is wider, the same length and not as tall. 400 lb less isn't at all likely, but perhaps 100. Several months later, that "info" was way, way off the mark. It was also irritating.

    joe, the Camaro would have to sell over 4 million cars while the Mustang sold 0 to take over as sales king. The odds of that are positively nil. The new Mustang will be a massive hit and will perform better overall than the standard Camaro SS in standard GT form. Then again, it actually has done that since the Camaro came back in 2009.

    Anyone who does their homework will choose the Mustang unless aesthetically, they just find the Camaro that much nicer or they're a GM fan, that kind of thing.
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