2014 BMW i3 Range-Extender Model Starts at $46,125

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image2014 BMW i3 Range-Extender Model Starts at $46,125

The electric 2014 BMW i3 range-extender model starts at $46,125, reflecting a $3,850 premium over the base model.

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  • desmoliciousdesmolicious Member Posts: 671
    Having to include a 'range extender' just shows that the technology that BMW is bringing is already long out of date.

    Do they not see what Tesla is already selling?
  • srangersranger Member Posts: 106
    I do not believe this shows that it is out of date in any way. The 80-100 mile EV range is typical of what is possible in any EV today under $50K. Sure the Tesla Model S can go 200-250 mile,but it also cost at least $28K more than the i3.

    BMW could have given it more range, but it would have started in the $70K range and had to be a bigger car to hold the larger battery pack just like the Models S....

    It was designed to be exactly what it is.... A city commuter car...

    A quick look at the battery efficient shows this...

    Models S 60Kwhr = 200 miles or 300whr/mile...

    i3 22Kwhr = 100 miles or 220whr/mile...

    So the i3 is significantly more efficient mainly due to the light weight...
  • desmoliciousdesmolicious Member Posts: 671
    Explaining away range deficiency by saying 'it's a city commuter car' doesn't play in 2013.
    For electric cars to be viable, they need to be able to go beyond the city.
    $50K for a limited range vehicle is DOA.
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