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Buy a New Car in One Day

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imageBuy a New Car in One Day

Car buying can be faster than you ever thought possible — if you use the right tools.

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  • jthomas200jthomas200 Member Posts: 1
    This is great advise for the person that knows exactly what vehicle thay want to buy. I do not ever think that you will eliminate going to the dealership and test driving the potential car that you want to buy. The best way to not waste your time is to ask the service advisor at the store that you service your vehicle at to let you have a loaner car the next time you bring your vehicle in for service of the make and model that you are looking to buy.
    Just a thought
  • dariusbotdariusbot Member Posts: 2
    First off, I am the Internet Sales Specialist for my dealership. And I really like the way this article is layed out. It's straightforward and to the point. i have a difference of opinion on one thing. Don't ask the salesman for their "best price", because a lot of the time they are not the final sayso in the pricing process. Instead offer them "Your best price" and tell them to get back in touch with you. I know that if I have a goal to accomplish with price I will do everything I can to get there! Armed with a price goal, it is much easier for a sales person to work the sales manager for a price, then it is for the consumer to work the sales manager for a price. in short MAKE AN OFFER. If it's accepted AWESOME, if not, then move on. easy as pie and a stress free as you can get.
  • 7ate97ate9 Member Posts: 0
    I also bought a car over the phone, and called several dealers in the same day using the TMV pricing as my basis. It eliminated all the haggling.

    But, I learned when asking for the out-the-door price, is to make sure tax and title are included as well. It seems a dealers will be more than happy to give you a total price, but not actually include everything to make the price look lower. So if you go this route, ask them to itemize their quote!
  • hugiehugie Member Posts: 1
    Much easier said than done! In my experience, dealerships have gotten a LOT cagier about ever quoting prices over the internet.

    Your best bet? CARMAX!
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