how many miles do f-150's really last

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hey all, I'm in the market for a used f-150 and obviously higher mileage means lower price. But just how long does the average F-150 last. Since no 2 trucks have the same experience, I know there is no definite answer, however, we all know hondas last about 150k if you change out the timing belt. What about the F-150? Thanks for any replies!


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    I have a '95 XLT 5.0L, LWB, 4x2 w/ 167K on it. Still runs strong. Replaced tranny around 130K, starter at ~155K, and TPS at 162K. Has a bit of an oil leak near manifold but otherwise okay. No other repairs besides normal wear item - shocks, belt, hoses. It's always had regular maintence, and about 80% of the mileage was highway, but it was always carrying or pulling a load.
    I have an '01 F350 CC, 4x4 now, but am keeping F150 'cause my sons want it for when they turn 16. I don't think the 150 will have any trouble turning 200K - just not quite as pretty as when I first got it.
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    From what I see, it is about 150 K, plus or minus 150 K. It is rare to see any vehicle with more than 300K, and abuse can kill one while it's new.

    Now I know there is someone who knows someone who's brother-in-law's cousin's neighbor's friend went 600 K and only changed the oil twice, but never had a problem. :<)

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    Well my old 71 Ford 1/2 ton with a 300 six was still going strong at 175000 miles when I traded it for an 86 F150 which I did not like. My 91 ranger with a 3.0 liter six is at 260,000 with no problems and engine still fine. So my guess is that reasonable care most any Ford will do 200,000 plus.
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    Is the Ranger on the original engine and tranny? If so, WOW!!!
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    I purchased a new 6 cylinder (4.9L Straight) F150 in 1981 for my landscaping business. It has no air conditioning and has the standard transmission. I am about to finally get a newer truck. It has 274,000 miles on it. I have never had the engine or transmission worked on, other than routine maintenance. I have replaced the clutch 4 times, but that's about it.
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    Yup original engine and tranny. Hate to trade it in (1) worth not much, (2) might get something not so good, and (3) I like old stuff (kinda old myself).
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    Since its not worth anything, why not hang on to it to use for those things you might not want to use the new truck for?
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    My dad tried to trade in his 96 t-bird 4.6l with 270k miles on a 02 GT and they offered him $800 :). Yeah right!!! Now my mom drives the t-bird most of the time instead of her olds bravada.
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    I have an '82 F-150 4x4 with four speed manual transmission and inline 300 ci six. It has 124,000 on it and still runs good. And with the granny low in it the six pulls anything I hitch it to, including a cow trailer. Wonder why Ford went away from that old inline six. It was bulletproof and strong.
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    dam head must weigh at least 150 lbs. Must be one of the reasons they discontinued it. And yes they were bulletproof
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    Or just run the old truck with no purchase of a new one. That's the current strategy. Keeps the garage from getting too full.
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    That would be my suggestion if your are one of those that doesn't care what he drives. I'm one of those too. Up untill recently, all I of my cars/trucks were those that could be purchased for under $5,000.

    Matt; How has your dad's T-bird held up? Has he had any problems with it? I have a '95 Cougar with the same drivetrain. Current plans are to drive the Cougar to approximately 125k miles. Car seems fine except for the infamous tranny shudder.

    Robert, BTW; My wife DOES care about what she drives. I'm surprised that I have been able to keep her in this car so long. She is beginning to hassle me pretty much everyday about a new minivan or SUV.
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    My 97 F-150 Reg Cab 6 cyl 5 spd just turned over 100,000 miles with not one single problem....ok maybe one. I purchased a new battery at about 70k. Otherwise oil changes, three sets of tires ($45.00 OEM Generals at, new spark plugs, air filter, PCV valve at 95,000 miles. Still runs like new. Paint looks new, interior looks new. Its been a GREAT TRUCK!
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    Considering the miles it&#146;s in great shape. It's got something going on in the trans that the mechanics are sure is torque converter lockup so it needs a new torque converter. Its not the shudder thing that is commen on these. It still runs and drives great. The engine is just as smooth now as the day he bought it but it does burn 1/2 - 1 quart of oil between changes now. It&#146;s been the most trouble free car we have ever had. Off the top of my head I think the only things that have went wrong on it are the EGR, evaporator canister, intake manifold cracked(covered under a recall), and I think a starter or an alternator.
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    I had a 71' with a 302, 3 on the tree, 150,000 miles and still ran like new when i sold it. The only problem ever was a broken shock bracket on the drivers side radius arm.
    I have 2 72's both with 360's and automatic. One with 166,000 and running great, the other is a camo painted rusted out hulk i bought for parts with 215,000 miles. It turned out that it ran great so it was taken to the deer lease were it has been for 7 years and has been abused horribly and has been totally reliable.
    I had a 79' supercab with a 400 130,000 One alignment and 1 brake job.
    I had a 82' with 300 6 cylinder it had 184,000 tough miles on it when it was sold in 96' To my amazement the new owners had it painted and a new headliner and are still driving it.

    I had an 87' supercab XLT loaded 302 power everthing 116,000 One smog, pump 2 starters, both power window motors, I really loved that one it was tighter than my 02' powerstroke.

    Are Ford trucks good?

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