Does Your Vortec 6.0 Idle Rough? 2014 GMC Savana.

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DOES YOUR VORTEC 6.0 IDLE ROUGH? My 2014 GMC Savana Cargo Van idles at ~500 RPM (both in and out of gear with A/C on and off) and the Van starts shaking. I’ve taken it back to the dealer twice, and each time they tell that there are no codes present, and that everything is normal and ok. Sitting at red lights feeling my $35,000 Van shake like an old car is VERY annoying!! I don’t know what to do next. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

THE WHOLE STORY: I bought a new 2014 GMC 3500 Savana Cargo Van in May 2014 from Ed Rinke in Centerline, Mi. From the very beginning, whenever I started the Van cold, it had a loud ticking sound, and the oil pressure would often drop from a normal of 40 down to 20 lbs. when at idle (in and out of gear). In June 2014 I took the Van (with 650 miles on the odometer) back to Rinke to complain. I played a tape of the engine ticking sound, and after letting the Van sit for 2 hours to cool down, we started the engine again, and the service manager told me that the engine noise was normal, and that everything was OK.

I continued to drive the Van below the break-in speed listed in the manual, and the engine continued to get worse. A rough idle that made the Van shake (both in and out of gear, with A/C on and off) started to occur, and continued to get worse. In addition, there was hesitation on acceleration, especially on long inclines, and the loud ticking sound continued on startup.

In September (with ~ 2800 miles on the odometer) I took the Van back to Ed Rinke to complain. After an hour, they returned the Van to me and said there were no codes present, and that they “couldn’t duplicate the problems at this time”. When I read that statement on the Invoice, I laughed and said to the Service Advisor “You’re kidding about not being able to duplicate the problem, right?” I told him “Let me lift the hood, and you can watch everything shake with your own eyes”. The Service Advisor shrugged his shoulders and walked away. THAT MADE ME VERY ANGRY!
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