Some of the Shine Is Wearing Off - 2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Long-Term Road Test Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 10,145
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imageSome of the Shine Is Wearing Off - 2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Long-Term Road Test

There are orange-highlighted controls in the F-Type to show off all the go-fast parts. Unfortunately, that orange color isn't skin deep.

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  • bishopxbishopx Member Posts: 3
    Jaguars always look beautiful but they never have substantial quality to any aspect of their whole package. No wonder bmw benz and audi generally rule the choice for a premium vehicle.
  • throwbackthrowback Member Posts: 445
    That's disappointing. Why does Jag consistently fall down on the details? It doesn't seem to matter who owns them.
  • diigiidiigii Member Posts: 156
    Disappointing for a car marketed as an alternative to MB, Audi and BMW.
  • ocramidajzjocramidajzj Member Posts: 91
    Unacceptable at this price point. I would have expected aluminum paddles anyway. If my $36K VW R can use real aluminum trim than there is no excuse in a Jag. The fact that paint is flaking off plastic parts is really annoying especially if I paid close to 6 digits for this car.
  • chol92594chol92594 Member Posts: 208
    This is definitely disappointing, especially considering the cost of this car, as well as the market and competitor cars that it's targeting. Even though Jaguar provided you with this car, I would be getting this looked at by a dealer, either ASAP or during your next service. Wear and tear is one thing, but considering that the paddles on this car are meant to be used regularly, having the finish rub off this soon is simply unacceptable.
  • joner800joner800 Member Posts: 80
    unbelievable! how many miles does this car have on it now?

    thanks to edmunds reviews, i will continue to admire this cat from afar, because these types of issues aggravate the $*** out of me!
  • desmoliciousdesmolicious Member Posts: 671
    Maybe if Jaguar had painted aluminum paddles instead of plastic ones? Who uses plastic paddles at this price point?
  • aquineasaquineas Member Posts: 8
    I'd be very surprised if Jaguar didn't switch to aluminum after this.
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