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2014 CR-V EX FWD or wait for a 2015 model? What are you going to do?

average_joe_azaverage_joe_az Member Posts: 6
edited October 2014 in Honda
So I want a CR-V. I read all about how much to pay and how to deal with the dealerships and planned on getting one last weekend but then i read more and more about the 2015 models. So then Honda released all the new model updates and upgrades and now i think i am going to wait until the lots are full of 2015 models and start over with the deals. What do you think about the new transmission? Seems some of it is minor but 3 MPG is 45 miles a tank. Nothing to sneeze at plus lots of other goodies. I was just wondering what others thought about waiting or get a 2014 for a screaming price as the new models arrive. I know get what you want i am just curious about what other Cr-v buyers are thinking.


  • luv_my_honda1luv_my_honda1 Member Posts: 1
    I'm waiting to drive a 2015. With a new transmission and now that they are offering a Touring model I want to see and drive the 2015 before I do anything. If I like the 2015 I will wait until they have what I want, and if I prefer the 2014 there will be some left to choose from.
  • socal81socal81 Member Posts: 1
    The 2015 does have some nice upgrades. Heated seats even on cloth EX model, push-button start on EX and above models, 7" touch screen stereo (which can download the HondaLink app and then the navigation app only costs $59.99 - so basically you can get Navigation on EX and above models for $60 bucks). You can't do this on a 2014. However, the 2015 has already been named SUV of the year, the dealers are not going to budge much on the sticker price, so you can probably get an EX-L with navigation on the 2014 for almost just about the same price as you will pay for 2015 EX with cloth seats and no factory nav. The 2015's are selling over sticker price at this juncture (about $250 OVER sticker price). You should be able to get a 2014 for about $3,000 off the sticker price. -- I used to work at a Honda dealership. I myself am thinking of a CR-V and I think a new 2014 will turn out financially a better decision than a 2015. If you want a good deal on a 2015 you'll have to wait until about mid-year next year when there are more available in the market. If you try to get a 2015 now, expect to take a hit. Also, right now Honda is offering 0.9% for up to 60 months on the 2014, they are not offering this on the 2015 and probably will not until the very end of 2015 and then most likely it will only be for up to 36 months, not 60 months.
  • jes0012jes0012 Member Posts: 4
    disagree with the comment about them selling for over sticker price. Just picked an EX-L up in ga for 27,400 (sticker is 28,850) with a cargo tray included. As far as gas mileage goes, so far, my wife and i are not getting the reported gas mileage. About 30 on hwy going 75. Less than 30mpg if going 80. I hit 36mpg once while cruising at about 60mph (don't really consider this "hwy" speed). Everything else so far has been fantastic. Really, really nice car.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited October 2014
    @jes0012, it varies a lot but some of us don't hit the "EPA" estimates on a new car for thousands of miles.

    Of course if you have to drive around Atlanta, you'll always be hurting for good mileage. Heaven knows you won't be able to slow down. :D
  • dizneymandizneyman Member Posts: 2
    Picked up my 2015 AWD EX-L yesterday, and am glad I waited for the 15's. Much quieter, nicer finish, some of the new features between the 15 and 14 for only $250 more in base makes it very much worth going for the 15
  • epicguruepicguru Member Posts: 1
    Just bought a brand new 2015 EXL and have to say have been getting 32 mpg fully packed and loaded with 4  adults,  air conditioning running and on interstate at published speeds  . So many new features and enhancements  from the 2014 model I am  very happy I waited . The transmission  is so smooth and power and torque  are also the best. 
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