Same CPO car, different price?

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Looking at internet ads for CPO Civics LX, I notice that there are cars that seem exactly the same--same color, same year, same options, similar mileage--but have different prices. If CPOs are supposed to be reconditioned into perfect shape, what would account for the fluctuation in price?

I test drove two CPO Civics that seemed exactly the same at the same dealer, but one had a higher price than the other. Asking the dealer is just asking for BS answers. I even got the "little old lady" line.


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    I don't believe CPO would have anything to do with asking price for this one or that one (other then x-amount more for being CPO)
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    They're both CPO cars. They seem pretty much identical except for a couple hundred dollars difference.
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    saturna said:

    CPOs are supposed to be reconditioned into perfect shape

    Thanks for the morning chuckle. :)

    I've seen lots of posts around the forums where CPO cars were sold with mismatched tires, dirty cabin filters and worse. It's a good idea to get a pre-purchase inspection done on any used car, CPO or not. But I digress.

    Are these both "Honda" certified used cars? Lots of dealers "certify" cars using third party warranty companies.

    Assuming that they are, what it boils down to is that the dealers are just trying to sell their cars for the highest price that the market will bear. Just like identical new Civic selling prices will vary from one dealer to another. So it pays to shop around and it pays to negotiate a CPO price, just like you do a new car or a "regular" used one.

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    Honda Certified, yes. Please tell me what I should look at when inspecting the car. That would be so helpful!!
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    Ideally you'd find a good mechanic before you go shopping - one that works on the brand(s) that your are shopping and one that can do an inspection on relatively short notice. It's cheap insurance paying $100 for a pre-purchase inspection by a pro.

    With an inspection, you're looking for exterior condition (rust, paint overspray), engine (obvious leaks, AC works), brakes & shocks, gauges, interior fit and finish, maintenance and ownership history.

    Inspect That Used Car Before Buying!
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    I don't think the dealership would let me take the car to a mechanic before buying. I've never bought a used car, so this is all new to me. They are giving me a big warranty with it. Thanks to a lot of research, I've done a pretty good job of bargaining, but I am worried about selecting the right car.
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    Warranties are great and all but do you want to spend hours in a dealership waiting room instead of cruising around in your new car?

    Some CPO programs do include loaner cars.
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