2002 Chevy Impala squeals when braking and is hard to go in reverse

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2002 Impala squeal when breaking and hard to go in reverse


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    1st problem check brake and rotor for wear. Good oem brakes for your model is Bendix ceramic. 35 dollars for fronts @partsgeek.com

    Sometimes if you put the wrong brake pad or cheaper pad on a vehicle they will squeal.

    why does the squeak happen? The metal rotor that the brake pads squeeze together can sometimes vibrate, causing a squeaking noise. There are several ways to fix this:
    Use a milk spray, lotion or cream on the back of the pads
    Use sandpaper to sand off surface hardening of the brake pad/shoe surface.
    Try a different brand of brake pad!

    2nd problem hard into reverse

    My first thoughts would be : ......... You need new shaft seals. If vehicle makes a clanking noise when backing up you may need to replace the U- joints.

    You could buy these parts online from places like @partsgeek.com and @autowarehouse.com.

    Have a reputable mechanic trouble shoot your problem 1st

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