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Service stability system, service ABS, Service traction control, brake light...and more. Uplander.

enihorisenihoris Member Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in Chevrolet
I just found this site and am hoping for some help. My 2008 uplander is no longer under warranty(of course) and my information display says service stability system, service ABS service traction control system, and brake system.....The ABS light and TC light are on and the brake light goes on and off. This started about a year ago but never knew there was anything I can do. I took my van in for the same problem while under warranty and they said it was a sensor problem but why did the sensor go bad within a year? Do I need to get this fixed? And shouldnt GM be paying for this? I have also had door problems since I bought the thing and have had them worked on numerous times. I havent been able to use my driver side sliding door for more than 2 years cause it needs a new motor. My passenger side has been acting up for a long time as well but I am sick of taking this in and it not getting fixed. Can GM help me?


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    heavytruckguyheavytruckguy Member Posts: 1

    ABS sensors can be tricky as they can either be faulty, or simply seeing an error. For example, your abs sensors work in relation to a rotary toothed wheel. It sends a signal to a computer ABS modulator. If the toothed wheel is filled with elements such as road salt and brake dust this can cause issue with the Abs system. When your abs light comes on it means that your abs system is off. You've still got brakes, just not abs brakes. Traction control works in the same manner. Abs sensor again monitoring the toothed wheel. If a wheel bearing is loose, this will activate the abs light, what it is seeing is a low signal from the sensor due to ring distance from the sensor. Hard turns would likely discover this sort of problem. ABS isn't exactly  hard system to understand, its basically 4 sensors wires and a computer. So the likely answer is to bring it to a shop that understands ABS and have them test each sensor. It is likely going to come out of your pocket, as GM will likely take no assumed cost.

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    van_funvan_fun Member Posts: 1
    I am having the same issue with my 2006 Chevy Uplander. Undetermined if I should sell it for 6000$ Canadian dollars??
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    sciaky05sciaky05 Member Posts: 9
    I know this reply is late but it might help someone down the road. I had similar symptoms on my 2008 uplander. On the drivers side front there is a bracket on the brake rotor dust shield that holds the wiring connector for the ABS sensor. On mine, the bracket had come loose and cut into the sensor wire. To replace the sensor I had to replace the dust shield and the bearing hub.
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