Autonomous Cars, Autonomous Driving

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What are your thoughts on this trend?

We enthusiasts may not like this autonomous driving trend, but the auto industry is increasingly supplementing and replacing a lot of driving tasks. I assume most participants on Edmunds' forums enjoy driving. We take pride in our driving skills. It's part of our skill set, and we identify with our unique driving style. We also associate driving with freedom and, to some extent, adventure. For us, getting a drivers license was a rite of passage.

By contrast, many young people and the next yet-to-be-born generation will embrace autonomous cars. For many of them, driving is just another chore, and getting a drivers license is not a big deal. Also, many people, regulators, and the insurance industry assign a lot of value to the purported safety attributed to autonomous driving. In 30 years, give or take a few, driving will become a lost art. It'll still be available for those who want to drive, just as horseback riding still is today, but it won't be part of our daily routine. My guess is that eventually driving won't even be an option on many public roads. Sadly for us, most of the topics on Edmunds will be obsolete.

Already, cameras and nannies on new cars are supplanting the skills we learned and cherished.

Question: Will drivers licenses eventually go the way of the do-do bird?


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